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one more run

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by DYNA PLOW, Mar 3, 2003.


    DYNA PLOW Senior Member
    Messages: 295

    make that 2 more runs, snowed today, it started at 11:30 am so i loaded the salter and went to pretreat. finished snowing at 7:30pm with a nice little 2" fall. going out tonight to play.
    hey fred pickering.....any luck for you ?
  2. Pickering snow removal

    Pickering snow removal Senior Member
    Messages: 151


    DYNA was suppose to get 1-2 last night more light dust did some salting this morning trying to get rid of my salt inventory.
    They say were getting a big storm tonight coming up threw chi ill area calling for 3-6 will see but ill tell ya i was so happy to see snow in your state and minn the last couple of days i know you guys have been bust like us and it was just nice to see all the guys from minn with there thread about snow. Hey mick of course we get excited about 2in snowfalls iam sure if the winter had went the way the upper midwests has guys out there would jump on a two incher also let us have are little glory lol.

    DYNA PLOW Senior Member
    Messages: 295

    went out last night and plowed then i wake up this morning and it's snowing nicely, so i load the salter with the last amount of salt from the pile and go salting again.
    this little 1-3" chance of snow turned out to be a nice treat for the coffers.
    fred, let us know what you get out of the deal comin your way!
  4. Pickering snow removal

    Pickering snow removal Senior Member
    Messages: 151

    will do

    Ok dan were setting right in the middle of this one its been awhile since i have stared her in the eye. Trucks are fueled everything loaded we are gonna plow with this one waiting to hit the first trigger the totals are getting increased by the hour were in the 8-12 range hope all you guys getting this one plows safe we have prayed for this one and not to push my faith on anyone here or come arcoss as a bible thumper i will end this post with god does answer pray. with that amem ill see ya guys on the flip side fred
  5. Mick

    Mick PlowSite.com Veteran
    from Maine
    Messages: 5,546

    Go get 'em, tigers. Sounds like you're getting your whole season at one shot.

    Fred, I'm not sure which response you're referring to, but I didn't mean anything, I'm sure. Actually, I wish I could get everybody on a 2" trigger. I have a hard enough time selling 3". Basically, I've been kind of high-handed about it. I just say "this is the way I do it". I've had some show me what they want by holding their hand over the ground. Some wouldn't clear the undercarraige of their car. Out of the last six snowfalls, only one met the 3" trigger. That means there's a lot of built up snow out there for me to deal with sometime.
  6. paul soccodato

    paul soccodato Senior Member
    Messages: 430

    i do the same thing. i tell them "this is the way i do it, and this is how much".
    if they cant agree, then they find someone else. they always agree.
    remember, you're the pro, not them.
  7. Pickering snow removal

    Pickering snow removal Senior Member
    Messages: 151


    Well mid mich did finally get one not the biggest storm i have ever pushed put very very thankful we ended up with about 10inches . We left last night about 11 had 4 inches down and snowing like the band all night i really had fun with this one we finished about a hour ago doing all are finals 15hours in the truck is nothing to what i know the east coast storm brought but ill be honest the time flew by and all my ladys" trucks"are setting back at the house appearing to be normal ,only know of one problem and it happened to me my door latch mech stuck and i couldnt get the dam dome lights and cargo lights out on the 02 anyway wasnt a biggy pulled the bulb out in the cab til i had the time to spray some wd40 to hopefully fix that little flaw. I want to thank everyone here that gave us support for this snow i know i wont remember all but BRL, Mick, Bwhite, Dnya, i thank you and hope this midwest precip helps cool the frustration that was growing .Lets face it were all plowers its in are blood we need the snow kinda like a druggy needs his dope well hey i gotta little fix and one heck of a fun time gonna grab some dinner, hug my girl kiss my wife and go to bed.
  8. BWhite

    BWhite Senior Member
    Messages: 496

    Good news Fred!

    Hope the rest of the season finishes out strong for your area !

    DYNA PLOW Senior Member
    Messages: 295

    fred, i haven't seen 10" since last year. good to hear everything went fine.
    all i can say is thank goodness for my salter...it's paying the bills this year.
    they are saying we may see 1" for thurs. night. rock n roll salter!!
  10. BRL

    BRL PlowSite.com - Veteran
    Messages: 1,277

    FINALLY!! Congratulations Fred! Glad to hear everything went well. LOL when you wake up & visit here again, I'm sure you'll be happy to hear we have to mount the plows again for tomorrow! Sorry!! Ssshhhh.... I'd really prefer a little break, but I can't really post that blasphemous statement here, so I won't. Bring it on Mother Nature! It's funny to hear that your worst problem was a dome light not turning off. LOL I'm sure we all wish for that to be the worst problem to experience with equipment during a big storm. Glad to hear that too. I passed by a local tranny shop the other day, & it's always sad to see the parking lot full of plow trucks after big storms. There were at least a dozen at that one shop :(
    Hopefully March will go out like a lion as far as snow for you guys out there!
  11. Pickering snow removal

    Pickering snow removal Senior Member
    Messages: 151

    i blew it your way

    Hey BRL, sorry i blew this system up your way not sure what you all are gonna get but it looks kinda interesting on twc today , Also i second that on the tranny shops probley one of my worst fears, another is i plow a flame broiled chicken joint right next to the ford dealer seems funny but i hate to look over there cause usally theres superdutys with plows in there service parking lot and of course i am always interested in why, anyway we all know just cause there new doesnt mean the wont break.

    Dyna it does look like upper wisc is getting something has it is suppose to come across the big lake tonight i dont think its gonna affect us around here a inch there saying so some salting perhaps tomarrow morning, hope your storm is right around the corner and looking at some computer models for the weekend and first of the week perhaps you will get it.
  12. BRL

    BRL PlowSite.com - Veteran
    Messages: 1,277

    Well it stayed warm way too long, so looks like just a couple of salt apps for this area. Sleeting heavily now.