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one inch of snow and a four foot drift

Discussion in 'Storm Pictures' started by m2low, Dec 22, 2008.

  1. m2low

    m2low Member
    Messages: 74

    yah, we had a measurable one inch of snow, and live on the edge of town - combined with the blowing and drifting and me having to push out the snow about 4 times on sunday it turned into this - thats a four foot fence to the right of the drift that my daughter is standing on - truck sure got its first true workout!

  2. sjosephlawncare

    sjosephlawncare Senior Member
    Messages: 284

    got any pics of that truck, I like that style gm
  3. mcwlandscaping

    mcwlandscaping 2000 Club Member
    Messages: 2,557

    That blade looks like it sits really far out in front of the truck....or is it just me?

    I agree though with above poster...more pics of truck =]
  4. Gix1k4

    Gix1k4 Senior Member
    Messages: 172

    It does look kinda far out, I bet it's great for stacking. +2 for more truck pics.

    That looks like the SD I remember. I have relatives in Rapid.
  5. m2low

    m2low Member
    Messages: 74

    it is actually a suburban 1990 - the blade may be a bit far out, but its an older meyer blade and frame with a newer classic style truck mount which probably sits a bit farther forward than the original under the truck mount that came with the blade... I dont have any pics of the whole truck handy, but have some listed in my profile, I will get them posted in this thread - it is GREAT for stacking, to get that pile that the kid is standing on with that blade seemed odd to me, and my dad who has had plows before and done lots of plowing said it does make nice tall piles... but I am at the limit of the blade already this year for stacking there on my drive. have to make piles up closer to the house as more snow comes...

  6. cattrader

    cattrader Member
    from pa
    Messages: 76

    your old lady

    how bout some pics of your old lady. i like that style of woman
  7. J&R Landscaping

    J&R Landscaping PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,202

    Nice picture!
  8. murphyslaw

    murphyslaw Senior Member
    Messages: 443

    you need to learn how to "ramp" I have a large lot that only gives me a small area to push to and they wont pay to haul it off. I build piles like an excavator would, driving on the piles as they grow. once I have a nice ramp going I will come out and put about 2000gals of water on the ramp to rock it up so I don't trench into it while pushing snow up the hill.
  9. alaska blue ox

    alaska blue ox Junior Member
    from Alaska
    Messages: 23

    I do the same thing without the water, I just drive up the side of my stack! pick the blade up a little and hammer down. I built @12-14' high stacks today in fairly lightweight snow, wish I had pictures.
  10. murphyslaw

    murphyslaw Senior Member
    Messages: 443

    I haven't had the snow to get the the second floor yet. still working on the base. I use the water to make it a large ice cube so the snow packed down and gets nice and hard to drive on.