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One heck of a sidewalk machine..

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by show-n-go, Jan 3, 2010.

  1. show-n-go

    show-n-go Senior Member
    Messages: 776

  2. hockeypro1411

    hockeypro1411 Member
    Messages: 42

    Looks like a piece of ****. You can do MUCH better for a little more money.
  3. Silentroo

    Silentroo Senior Member
    Messages: 147

    Looks cold to me!
  4. show-n-go

    show-n-go Senior Member
    Messages: 776

    I'm not interested in buying it, I just thought it was a bit weird that someone put a plow on it. I don't get out of my truck while plowing unless it to walk into a gas station..
  5. hockeypro1411

    hockeypro1411 Member
    Messages: 42

    Lol. I wonder if that thing actually does weigh 8000 pounds like the info says. Even if it does, it better be going pretty fast otherwise it's not going to do well with no momentum.
  6. show-n-go

    show-n-go Senior Member
    Messages: 776

    I'll bet it does. It's made to pull or push around airplanes so they probably have it loaded down with the weight. It cant be that good at plowing though. i'm not sure how someone would even mount a plow on it or why for that matter. I guess people will do whatever it take to not have to do manual labor.
  7. Milwaukee

    Milwaukee 2000 Club Member
    Messages: 2,180

    Top speed should be 15-25 mph

    I would buy that for plow sidewalk that are too small for truck with plow.

    I could buy nice one with cab under $1500 at government auction for tugger with cummin diesel or Ford 4.9L gasser I heard they go 30-35 mph top.
  8. show-n-go

    show-n-go Senior Member
    Messages: 776

    with a cab and heater it would be great. They are just 2wd drive right? can you get better tires for them? seems all the ones i have ever seen have smooth tread on them
  9. 04superduty

    04superduty PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,354

    i would not want to put 8000 lbs on a sidewalk unless you know it will not crack.
  10. smokejmpr

    smokejmpr Inactive
    Messages: 159

    one of our local gas stations has one just like it for his place. works great but a cold ride.
  11. PowerWagon

    PowerWagon Senior Member
    Messages: 188

    do one push then run back inside and warm up and go out again do other one push at a time then go back inside.. :dizzy::laughing:
  12. rusty_keg_3

    rusty_keg_3 Senior Member
    Messages: 514

    It looks like one of those carts they use to pull luggage carts at airports... Im pretty sure thats what it is...
  13. lilweeds

    lilweeds PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,178

    The Toyota diesel would make a cool transplant into another truck! Do they use the 4bt cummins in some of the tuggers? If so where else can you get them?
  14. rusty_keg_3

    rusty_keg_3 Senior Member
    Messages: 514

    Here, i think this is like the same thing, just more customized... This looks like it will move some snow... What do you think?





  15. big acres

    big acres Senior Member
    Messages: 653

    Is it just me, or do those pins look undersized considering the mounting, trip springs, etc...?
  16. rusty_keg_3

    rusty_keg_3 Senior Member
    Messages: 514

    Honest to god, i thought the EXACT same thing when i first looked at this...
  17. LawnGuy110

    LawnGuy110 Senior Member
    Messages: 196

    First time for everythign I guess.
  18. IApushn

    IApushn Junior Member
    Messages: 25

    This is what have used in the past. I am in the process of rebuilding the engine and haven't been using it this year. It works great cause it is 4x4 with 4 wheel steering and heavy enough to push about anything. This one weighs about 14000. It has concrete bumpers for added weight. It does only go about 25mph but that isn't any different than a tractor. The worst part about this one is that it is a 5 speed. The newer ones have autos in them. You can get actual straight-bar tires for them (army tread) but I am running semi/truck tires and don't have any problems. I only use 4x4 if/when I get stuck.

    My Tug Front.jpg

    My Tug Right Side.jpg