Once, JUST ONCE.....


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Southwestern Pa.
They can say all they want about how they can't be really accurate 3 or four days out.

At 8:37 last night the forcast said "...Winter Weather Advisory Tonight... Tonight...snow. Accumulation 3 to 4 inches. "

Previous forcasts had said very specifically how it would snow all night with another inch possible this morning.

It was all over by 11 p.m.

It totalled about an inch. On the grass. About half the accounts got salt. The rest didn't even get tire tracks.

JUST ONCE, do you suppose they could say they were sorry???


Andy N.

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Pittsburgh, PA
Digger Man,
Same problem you have, I am in the south hills of the burgh. I made the most of our "winter storm" though. Everyone was salted and even plowed some. I however have no tolerance for the Pittsburgh weather gurus. We got about 2-3 inches but the ground is still too warm to support a good snowfall. Especially black asphalt, I think it is still holding heat.

Got Grass?

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Western New York
They never seem to get it right....
They predicted 1", Luckaly I woke up at 3am & looked out the window. Hooked my plow up & it hit the pavement.
Just enough to plow. Soulda seen the other guys running arround like idiots, every gas station I passed had trucks filling up. 1/2 the guys didnt get out till I was 3/4 done.

Earthscapes, I saw ya flying down Transit. I was sitting on Roll.


Finally something to push, Up & Busy by 0345AM , 3" by WIVB, SouthTowns OP/WS/3"

Nice to bill something other than De-Icing for a change, Hopefully The Lake Erie Machine FIRES UP!!!!!!

Grass, You're right; saw alot of unfinished or rather "unstarted" business everywhere while my crew was out in rigs....

For Instance:

0830AM Bank & Hotel property we lost out on bidding this year, NOT EVEN TOUCHED !!!! ICE Rink City, One of the Bank Mgrs. came out and asked me why we didn't do their lot....Said Because WE.....don't sell out to lowest bidder.....

I guess you really get what you pay for....We're waiting for the re-hire call........

John Allin

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Erie, PA
Last night.... Flurries, less than a inch of accumulation....

We got started at Midnight with 5" on the ground.....

No point watching the weathermen anymore....


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Last night predicted 1-3
This morning woke to about 4 in my driveway, went looked at most residentials, as the snow was very spotty. One spot 2" further down, bare pavement. So, plowed ones with hills etc. in case of icing, but didn't get a full run in.
Best part of the trip, the weatherman on the radio says "Oh just about 2" here in Bridgeport, just as I forecast" :rolleyes: gotta gloat while he can I guess.


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We had 6-8" forcast, we got about 2. The trick was getting to the accounts before it melted off. I only plowed 3 accounts, my Town truck was out 8 hours.

I had gotten a heads up before going to bed, one of my accounts is a local weather service. My customer had called and said it didn't look like things would amount to much, this one was right.


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Somerville MA.
For once I have to give credit where its due, they called this pretty much on the numbers. Predicted anywhere from 2-4 3-6 and that’s about what we got. Good day for the most part, got to use the blizzard on the 953 and it worked great, the subs worked out very well and the new accounts are fairly simple. Just have to fix one plow that decided to take a rest after six hours :rolleyes:. Sorry for everybody’s disappointment but I'm sure I'll have that happen here fairly soon :eek: .


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Claverack, NY
Last night the forecast was for 4-8". I woke up this morning and saw 3" on ground. Did some plowing but not all the accounts. Some driveways are still a bit warm so it melted a bit of a snow. It looks like it will be very cold in the next several days so I would think that ground would freeze up next week.

Got Grass?

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Dont ya just hate that. Driving arround to your accounts one has 4" another has nothing... I plowed one place, another only 1/2 mile away had practily nothig.
For you large guys it's gotta be nice having "snow spotters", page your guys just to see how much has fallen in their area to see who else you need to wake up. Instead of sending the hole crew in just to plow 2-3 lots.

Ok I lied in my last post. I didnt wake up, I was up chatting online.
I must been thinking sleep as I passed out right after I posted that... I wish we could trust the weather idiots, life would be so much easier. I'd love to get a full 8hrs sleep one NIGHT...


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My 600.00 a year weather service predicted 1-3" as of 4 pm last night. Locals predicted 3-6, woke up at 3 am with 1.5 down and moderate snow. Ended up with 8" on grass and 6" on pavement. A nice all out run, all drives and commercial accounts, signed two new commercial accounts at 5am.
More about that in another thread.
So I called my handy dandy service at 4 am to see what the deal was. he asks me, how much on the ground, I say about 2-3" and moderate snow. he says no way we only predicted 1-3, but the update that came faxed over 1/2 hr later says 5-8. Nice to know I could help out with his totals.