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Olly's plow pics

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by BushHogBoy, Jan 21, 2005.

  1. BushHogBoy

    BushHogBoy Senior Member
    Messages: 665

    Well got home with the plow last night after driving 7.5 hrs on the interstate... how tiring. Got the plow mounted today- not too bad of an install really. It came off of a mid '80's Bronco, we torched off the support arms as it was welded to the truck frame. I thought my 2x6 front bumper would have to come off but actually it ended up being very useful for this install. A little cutting and welding, and we had it on. The wiring was simple, although I had a bad cable from the battery to the solenoid, and I went ahead and replaced the solenoid before messing with the old one (it was rusted badly and had sat a long time) well the new solenoid didn't work either. Ended up replacing the new $38 solenoid with a leftover Ford truck solenoid I had laying around (go figure, ended up saving money LOL well I'm told this will burn out eventually as its not a "continuous duty" type so i gotta exchange the other one).

    Anyway Here She Be!!! Oh I haven't wired up the lights yet, will do that next. Anyone wanna donate a marker/guide for the passenger side? LOL. My front driver side spring is sagging bad so it squats on that side so it looks funny. Even got to find a little bit to play in, just a leftover dusting from last night nothing to plow.





  2. 04superduty

    04superduty PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,354

    that is one mean looking plow truck. hope you get some of the snow that is suppose to be hitting me soon.
  3. BushHogBoy

    BushHogBoy Senior Member
    Messages: 665

    Thanks! I consider that the best compliment I have yet received for this rig!

    Thanks, me too!
  4. Frozen001

    Frozen001 Senior Member
    from Rome NY
    Messages: 908

    Why does the plow sag so much on the drivers side... it does not look like the truck is leaning that much compared to the plow... looks good other than that...
  5. BushHogBoy

    BushHogBoy Senior Member
    Messages: 665

    There is a little bit of slop in the pins, I think that coupled with the sag of the truck let the plow dip a little over there. Also, the plow was angled to the driver side just a little bit so I think that with the angle of the camera made it look droopy.
  6. bolensdriver

    bolensdriver Senior Member
    Messages: 603

    LOVE THE SET UP MAN! IT ROCKS! :drinkup: :yow!:
  7. Ken1zk

    Ken1zk Senior Member
    Messages: 192

    A TRUE plowing classic, very nice work :drinkup:
  8. Chefdrp

    Chefdrp Member
    Messages: 50

    Eric, Maybe you can get some snow like me here. Ive been out 4 times this week. $$$$$$$$$$$$$
  9. BushHogBoy

    BushHogBoy Senior Member
    Messages: 665

    Hey thanks for all the positive response ya'll! Glad to see others have a appreciation for classic plow rigs as well. I love the look of the new(er) trucks, but I just love my old one. I can fix most things on it with what i carry in my toolbox, and so much simpler and easier than even my '89 Ford. Its a very tough rig, I don't have to worry if it gets a battle scar its just another to the list. I think it just looks very mean and tough, and very unique. Also I can't at this point justify the payments on a new truck... I'll be lucky to plow two times with it the rest of this winter....

    Chef... i can only dream.. man i just wish i had this rig back when we had the 24" storm right before christmas... man..
  10. BushHogBoy

    BushHogBoy Senior Member
    Messages: 665

    Oh this afternoon a buddy helped me and we wired up the lights in front. We just re-did all the wiring and had to do something different with the switch situation as the original light switch did not function properly. But now we have low beam and high beam on the plow lights :) pretty cool. Tomorrow if we do not get snow I will wire up my caution flasher and some big backup lights so i can see.

    Also last night on her maiden voyage to play in my church's empty parking lot in a dusting of snow, the first time it tripped apparently it twisted apart the pivot stud on the driver side as it had rusted solid from sitting and not being greased. It was frozen rusted shut and just sheared it off! The other side was ok though. I plowed a while longer like that and didn't realize that until i looked at it today, so tonight i took it all apart and cut and grinded on it and hammered and heated until I got the old peice out and welded in a new one and got it all back together. glad it happened now instead of during a real storm. :)
    Last edited: Jan 23, 2005