Older cable Isamatic MarkIII3a Trouble

Discussion in 'Western Plows Discussion' started by s2kskibum, Feb 18, 2008.

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    First off - great forum. Thank you Al Gore for the whole internet thing!

    I have read almost all relavent posts in the Western section, and am looking for some help.

    Currently my plow is angled left. Up and down is great, when I try to go right, it tries (motor runs) but seems to hit a brick wall.

    I am guessing that either:

    ...cable needs adjusting - tried, doesn't seem adjustable. Loosened the retaining set screw, couldn't adjust.

    ...centering spring inside the pentagon shaped left/right four way valve box isn't in the right place. Seems to just be "floating" - can't get a good read from the manuals where this bugger is supposed to go - it isn't even shown in the disassemby photos...

    ...bad quick connects - replaced this fall.

    Plow is on a '77 jimmy K5 that has a 454 in it - pushes real good - better not having to move all the snow left!

    Thanks for any help!

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    the left to right cable is adjustable. directly above where it enters the pentagon shaped box there should be 2 7/16" nuts. this is where the adjustment is made. the retaining set screw you mention just holds the cable in place, it has nothing to do with any adjustment. take the pentagon shaped cover off and watch the movement as you have someone in the cab move the joystick to the left, right, and to neutral. just be sure you stand in a safe place so you don't get pinned while the plow angles. this would be my first step. go to the western website and download the manual for the cable operated plows. its a great reference.
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    No adjustment screws - just enters the box - maybe set up wrong years ago...?

    I'll have the wife operate the left/right.

    Any insight into the centering spring?

    In Denver all week, back now!

    Thanks for the help - and I have downloaded the manual - great stuff!
  4. OP

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    Fixed - a quick coupler.

    Swapped them, plow moved right, but not left - AHA! Bought (another) new one, and it works great again. Don't know why I had so much trouble with the new fittings - replaced the old ones and hoses this fall - I'll never do that again!

    Anyway. I'll hang around here a bit, and thought I'd put the solution here as it may help another.