Older Boss V-plow, wiring problems.


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Hi all, Been working on my neighbors 91' Suburban. I took a older style boss v-plow off his 83' K5 blazer, rusted out. Its almost all togather except for some of the wiring. I assume the harnesses originally had just plugins, and not soldered taped up connetions. Tried to take as best notes as I could when removing everything from the blazer however
I still am pretty unsure of the following:

Plow frame headlights, turn signals and wiring in the switch, to choose between your regular lights and the plow lights.

Wiring in the 2nd battery, where the 2nd battery cables run to.

How the solenoid is wired in between the battery and the rest of the controls.

can anyone help?
Thanks in advance!


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Florida, N.Y.

OLD BOSS Wiring,
One red cable battery pos to large stud on solenoid
other red cable from solenoid to pump motor
Small white with black stripe to small post on solenoid
Other small stud on sol. to ground
Plug in control in cab
Single wire in cab to key on pos.
Plowlamp switch Grey wires on top terms
Blue in middle
Green on bottom
Headlamps just plug into jumpers

Signals Violet left turn Pink right and yellow marker
Large black cable is ground
Good Luck

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