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Old Thread - But information I think I need

Discussion in 'Boss Plows Discussion' started by insnow4fun2004, Nov 13, 2008.

  1. insnow4fun2004

    insnow4fun2004 Junior Member
    from Indiana
    Messages: 18

    All, I apologize for the cut and paste below, but I had a question about what I posted below, and the orginal thread was lengthy with some bickering....but....Here is what I found, and I would just like to clarify what i have bolded......

    And thanks to SnowFarmer for this post in the original....

    <<The threads do not make the seal.
    The smooth tapered part does.

    The swivel can get bent making it tough to get a good seal and may need to be replaced.
    Try repositioning it and tighten it.
    If it still leaks replace the fitting.

    Do not use tape on a hydraulic fitting as the threads do not make the seal

    Having said that, the threads that go in to the ram are not a compression fitting and the threads do make the seal.
    IF, IF it still leaks from there after tightening it, then your only way to fix it with out a new fitting may be to use a little tape.

    If it is leaking from where it goes into the valve body remove and clean and take a look at the o-ring for any damage if so equipped>>

    If i read the bolded area right, the fittings in the ram (cylinder) are not compression, so I could conceivably have it tight and it still could leak and tape may stop the leak? This happens only when the wing is extended and it is holding pressure in the cylinder. Any advice, should I just take it back to the shop or is that something that I can toy with. Thanks.
  2. aeronutt

    aeronutt Senior Member
    Messages: 262

    The only threads that benefit from tape are tapered pipe threads. The threads that go into the ram are usually a pipe thread and the other end of the elbow that connects to the hose is usually an A/N fitting (also incorrectly called a "compression" fitting sometimes...) that would not benefit from tape. If you post a close-up picture with an arrow pointing to where it leaks we can answer your question with great certainty.
    Last edited: Nov 13, 2008
  3. insnow4fun2004

    insnow4fun2004 Junior Member
    from Indiana
    Messages: 18

    Thanks took the plow off and put it back in storage yesterday, till early next week i will get a picture of it then. Thanks for all the help