Old Man Winters' Contract Up!!!


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I just talked to my lawyer and He said that we can fire Old Man Winter beacause of conflict of intrest. Him and mother nature have been spotted blowing there money at casino's and shacking up together in big expensive hotels. I've got a P.I. out on the case and he's gonna get pics for proof.

I know thats lame but geez...... I hate landscaping in Janurary!


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Just because Ol' Man Winter is fornicating with Mother Nature, doesn't give him any right not to honor his contract. If it is signed and all legit, then wait on him. If he cant get his butt in gear then take action. I hate to see anyone lose a contract in the middle of the season. But a contract is better then none. And a stitch in time saves nine, a peeny saved is a penny earned....MAN I NEED SOME MORE SNOW BEFORE I LOSE IT ALL TOGETHER. Anyway, leave Ol' Man Winter & Mother Nature alone. But if you see Jack Frost tell him hes got some pi--ed off clients down in Jersey!

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i heard tonight on the news that by the end of the next week, winter will be coming back. according to the news forecaster, he banks on a harsh feb. and march. of course that means nothing, but we can still dream cant we.


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How about we get together and file a class action suit. Breach of promise and loss of income. Those with seasonal contracts sue for emotional distress due to irate customers' perception of "paying for nothing".

$1,000,000 award per piece of snow removal equipment owned, leased or otherwise under your control or seasonal contract.

That ought to shake him up a little.
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