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I have a 1984 Silverado, I've had this thing since 1989 and will never get rid of it but I have always had trouble with wind noise from day 1. Does anybody know if a company makes a 1 piece replacement for that window, one without the vent window. I read somewhere, I can't remember where, that you can replace the window and vent with a solid piece and remedy the wind noise. If this doesn't work has anybody else had problems like this and if so how did you fix it?


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one piece window

I have also heard and or seen an article somewheres about replacing the whole window/vent window with one solid window like the newer chevy's....seems to me like that conversion would require lots of work...personally I can say from experience with my 85 I travel the interstate system around here often for 2-4hrs at a time(7,000miles in 3mths) so its crucial to me to have everything sealed properly for cell phone conversations etc. and I had ordered and installed new seals from an LMC Truck catalog and its all nice and tight and very quiet inside now...well besides the rumble of the 2 chamber flowmaster below but not even that is bad about 55mph...so if you havent tried new seals its worth a shot. Best of luck.

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