Old Equipment Black and Whites

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  1. snobiz3

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    I have come across a few historic snow removal equipment pics that I thought I would share with everyone. What have you guys found floating around out there?





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  2. iceyman

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    nice pics man:salute:
  3. yancy

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    those are some pretty cool pictures that you found.
  4. groundbreakers

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    wow i think that was about the time that moses was around ehhh .. LOL ...
  5. DeVries

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    Wow I bet you could stack some serious snow with the tractor. I guess you would also have to watch out for over head wires as well.
    Makes me wonder why they made the mast so high for that plow. Could you imagine sitting on that seat which is probably steel freezing your you know whats off.
  6. K20Fisher

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    That looks like a really old v box in that dump
  7. grandview

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    That's equipment from Jersey. It snows so little there now that it lasts a long time!
  8. Supper Grassy

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    Nice Old Pics
  9. creativedesigns

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    They had heated seats back then, didn't they? :D
  10. farmerkev

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    That was probably used as a small boom tractor, they didnt have forklifts back then. LOL
  11. OP

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    Here are a couple more... First one is in Idaho in 1945 and the second 1963 in Montana.

    Idaho 1945.jpg

    Montana DOT 1963.jpg
  12. 350-CHEVY

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    Those Are Some Awsome Pics I Would Love To See Those In Real Life