Old dog with new tricks... Naaaah! That's me...

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  1. Good evening all.
    Thank you for accepting my request allowing me peruse the pages of knowledge stores in the forums.
    I'm Robert, I'm in the Soo... nope, not that Soo, I'm in Sault Ste. Marie.
    I shovel and plow snow for myself on my property.
    I've owned few tools... from a broom to a John Deere with a blower and always managed to store the snow exactly where I liked it to be.
    Right now, I own a Holder C9700H with a straight 5' plow, tool carrier and a salter hanging from the back hitch. I also have a 5' Holder snow blower that will blow generous amount of snow to a distance just shy of 75'.
    I'm here to learn from other members and to give an opinion from time to time.
    It's a pleasure meeting you people and thank you again for allowing me in the circle.
    Robert from the Soo
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    Welcome. Get your tin-foil helmet (or metal mesh helmet) ready!
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    Subscribed for pictures of the Holder...
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    Well...I was going to welcome you until I saw you are from the wrong Soo.

    But I suppose...welcome anyways.

    BTW, @UpNorthMowing loves working on Holders...he might even be considered an expert.
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  8. Great machine. I drove 2000 Km over the weekend to bring home that exact same blower. What a piece of equipment... the blower alone is 1000 pounds of steel and few bolts. That machine in the picture looks gorgeous.
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  9. It's a beauty, but I can't afford it. However, the people that sold me the machine just replaced it with a brand new $ 140.000 Holder Sidewalk Plow... in the beginning I doubted about the price and it was hard for me to understand the level of expenditure, but it's what it's. You can't drive a 350 Heavy Duty with a narrow plow on the sidewalk.
  10. Thank you Mark. Hope to see you around the Soo...
    Hope to touch base with UpNorthMowing any time soon.