old commercial dodge trucks


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hello, My name is Tc, and I run a lawn care business in St. Louis. I wandering if any of you guys out there know where I
can buy some old 1960's or 1970's dodge commercial trucks. The below is a list of the models of trucks dodge made back
then that I am interested in buying.

model list of old commercial dodge trucks

LCF's(Low Cab Forwards) C500-1100 Gas or diesel single axle
D/W 500-800 series medium duty gas single axle
Karyvan 1 ton box trucks( single wheel & dual wheel versions)
D/W 300 1 ton pickup cab chassis gas(2wd & 4wd)

If you know of a used commercial truck dealer, or an individual who has one in reasonable shape prices them
between $100-$8000. please send me an email.



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E- mail me your adress
let me know your e-mail adress i have some names and numbers you may be interested in I know 1 guy who has several trucks around these years for sale all dodge


justa hick

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I have a friend who has a couple of the LCF dodges these are located in Pa e mail me if intrested..


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lcf dodges

Dear, stulltruck, I would be very interested in your friend's dodges. My phone number is (314)962-4019. or
send me an email at http://www.thomas@nightmail.com. Give me your
name address, and phone number so I can contact you.
Send any pictures to

Tom Whittaker
700 Cornell Ave
St. louis Mo 63119

Hope to hear from you soon!

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