Old Chevy Values


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I just need a quick "off the top of your head" feel for what these two trucks might be worth. One 84 and one 87 3/4 ton chevys. Both have been plowed regularly for at least a few seasons, maybe longer. Both still were being driven daily till recently. The deal includes three Meyer plows, the old 8 foot heavy ones that Chuck always talks about. Also included is one meyer tailgate sander. All have been maintained well and regularly. No known major problems, and these are from a friend.

The guy almost lost his life a year ago to a brain hemmorage, and has lost his business to the bank. He is going to have them taken away, doesnt really care at all, nothing he can do about it now. I know what the bank needs, and its not much.

He offered them to me, and I am interested. It will be a very sweet deal, but I would like to know going into it what they might be worth as a package.

I know thats not alot to go on, but what is your gut feeling, high and low end?



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84- low end 1500.00 high end 4500.00 but that would be for a pretty nice unit
87- low end 3500.00 high end 6500.00 again for a nice unit
The tailgate unit is a throw away not really worth alot.
So a fair package price middle of the road would be IMO about 8000.00

Chuck Smith

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If I had to guess, I would say between 6 and 8 thousand. Like Dino said, it depends on the condition. Hope this helps. Keep in mind, having three identical plows, is a nice bonus, especially heavy duty ones.