ok... I have a question.....

ok, more like conversation starter....

How did everyone learn how to plow snow?

My dad took me out on his routes while I had my learner's permit to drive... figured that would be great practice.

It had it's advantages...

1) I didn't have to go to school the next day.
2) I got paid to play in the snow with my dog.
3) Got to learn how to plow, no curls for this GRRL. Learned from a perfectionist ;)
4) AND I GOT TO DRIVE A BIG TRUCK!!!! How cool was that!


Was asked if I had wanted to go and help after I was already in a roasty toasty bed, half asleep.


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I started out on a small loader doing drive ways then I started working for a town doing roads parking lots of all sizes.Then i started doing more with my own truck .Not a hard thing to learn just don't go fast and take your time near walls,houses and curbing.:) I love to be out at 2-3 in the morning but hopfully there is a dunkin dounuts open:drinkup:


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My first plowing experience was completely on my own. We had 6" of the wettest, heaviest snow you can imagine. When I approached the pile, there were literally waves because there was so much water on the pavement with the snow. To make things worse, I had overbooked myself terribly because of my inexperience.

It was all chalked up as a learning experience. All is well that ends well. I learned more about plowing my first time out than all the rest combined. Not easy lessons, mind you, but lessons nonetheless.


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My high school shop teacher Mr Rank.He tought me everything i know about plowing and small engines.he said that you don`t need the biggest or a new truck off the show room floor.As far as plows you don`t need some big commercial grade like a fisher.a standard western or meyers does just as good.he showed me the best ways to plow parking lots or a small driveways. how to price out jobs.he also let me work on his plow trucks dodge pickup 8 ft western cj7 jeep 6.2 meyers got to see first hand what happens to trucks after plowing with them for a few years.so i don`t think hes a member here but anyways thanxs Mr. Rank
east haven high school 1999


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First Time Plowing.

Well I remember my first time! Plowing that is. It was in an 51 Buick, yes a Buick with what I would say was about a 7' plow that had a "huge" lever like the ones on an old farm tractor to lower the plow. It was mounted off a side bracket on the plow with a cable that went through about four or five pullies so you could just about lift the thing off the ground. I had to use two ropes to work the thing, one to try and pull it back to get it off the ground and one to release the hand latch on the lever to get the plow back on the ground. You just can't imagine how long it took to plow the stations driveway, and not get any of the books of Green Stamps in your pocket wet from hanging out the window. I sure remember the snow flying off that old plow and coming back in the window! Boy I sure was happy when they replaced it with a Jeep! You only had to pump the hand pump about ten times to get the plow raised, and you could get out and angle this one in only a few minutes. It's one of those things in life you don't forget. :rolleyes: John


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Yeah, I seem to remember somebody saying Leadville, Colo only got light, powdery snow:D .

About two years ago, I decided to put a plow on my truck to "plow my own driveway and maybe a couple of neighbors' to pay for the plow". One of my neighbors ran a business from her home, so she required liability insurance. Got the insurance, so I needed more plowing to pay for the insurance. Last year, decided there was more money in sanding since "everybody around here has a plow". Then I needed a bigger truck to handle the Vbox. Then, I needed more accounts to pay for the truck and sander.

And to think - before I got this plow I'd never plowed before. I'd never even sat in a truck with a plow on it. I researched for several days before I called the dealer and told him that I wanted a 7.5', not realizing that all I really needed to do was tell them what type truck I have and they'd tell me the plow size to put on it. Then, I had to ask someone at the dealer how to operate it, so I could lift the blade to drive it home :rolleyes: . That was literally the first time I'd ever sat in a truck with a plow on it.

Absolutely everything I know about plowing has come from PlowSite and SIMA with some "trial and error". I started reading posts on PS when it was part of Lawn Site. PS/SIMA has helped avoid some potentially costly errors - one was when I was going to buy a fairly new crew cab to put a sander on and plow driveways. I've been here almost every day since.

Of course, I know my experience is unique - yeah, right. How many times have you read "I'm wanting to get into snowplowing, what do I do?" (or something along that line).


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My dad and uncle plowed their way through college in the late seventies, My uncle has had a truck since then. When my family moved back from CA, dad and I used to go get my uncles truck and plow our drive, my grandparent's, and my uncles building. I loved doing it so much, I knew that when i was old enough i would buy a truck and a plow. So five years later i bought a 1/2 ton 4x4 (wanted a 3/4 ton, but hey it works just fine) and got a used Western 7.5' Ive been plowing on my truck for two years, this being number three. I love it, its a new experience everytime I go out!
This past summer i bought an old Swenson tailgate spreader, now i have to figure out how that part of the business works.....:eek:


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I started plowing in 1975 with a big old ford. Uptill this year thats was all i plowed with. However last spring i made the decision to sell my business, and go to work at a Public Works Department as a manager. Now I plow with a big International.



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Central Indiana
I rode shotgun in my fathers plow truck for 16 years. Then I started to plow. I always enjoyed plowing and still do... waiting for the big one!
chicago IL
I did it just like ceaman. I always went with my dad and sat shot gun while he plowed. I remember the only thing i did was turn the lights(old aerodynics) on and shovel the snow on the sidewalk
. Then i kept moving up, When i was 21 i bought a used gmc pick up.and my company just started growing!

Ultimate lawns and more,


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I started in 87-88 my senior year in high school with dad and his "new truck" (79 F350). Thought it was fun but I didn't think there was much money in it so I didn't show that much interest again until well after that. In 91 the economy was terrible so I had more time available and his list of jobs was growing so I was home praying for snow :nod: . Since then the business has grown considerably and now consider snowplowing as one of the main sources of my income instead of "extra cash" for the month.
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well the first time i plowed i was in a state vehicale and it happend to have a plow on the front of it. i was running things around for my boss and we had gotten 18" of snow the night before. so when i got to a town and noticed the parking lot for the post office had not been done i helped my self. not realizing that they had those parking bumpers i hit like 3 of them. but oh well i didn't get fired and every one was happy. the guy who usually does the parking lot was a little unsure of what happend. he thought that he fell asleep and plowed it in his sleep with out knowing it.:)


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I started with a 12" shovel at age 8 and found out that If I can get the whole block I could make alot of money so I did that. Here I am today still pushing snow for the same people 17 years later and half the town,.but now with a little more than a 12' shovel.

Penny from Heaven:)


My first time plowing was last winter. I recently started my own maintenance business and naturally bought equipment for snow plowing. I worked for a huge commercial property owner in my town who set the rates hourly. He gave me a property with a long access road that led to about a 300 parking space lot with shipping docks and more access roads. I was bewildered the first time I went to plow it, I was like "how the *&$k am I going to do this". Well, I was determined and once I started I realized I loved doing it. Every once in a while during an event, one of the supervisors would come by and politely tell me to do something this way or that. Was a great learning experience and they were very patient with me. Of course I didn't make any money doing it that explains why they were so tolerant. I realize now that if this was a property I had as my own account, I would have made 10 times more than I did working as a sub. The truck I used to do it was an 82 GMC 1 ton dump 4x4 with 9ft.Fisher and took me about 2-3 hours.

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