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In my Ford 150 (300 big 6) my oil pressure guage only gets up part way. Sometimes it is at the "o" in NORMAL, and sometimes it is lower-at the "n". It does not move when I step on the gas like it should (i think) and using heavier iol will not help. Now, it does not burn any oil at all. Should I be concerned?:confused:


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Not that familiar with Fords, but if your truck is an '89 the engine could be getting tired. Has the oil pressure reading always been the way you describe, or is this a new development?

One thing to try before getting into anything TOO drastic: Install a decent aftermarket oil pressure gauge and see just what sort of psi your engine's oiling system is producing at various engine speeds/loads.


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Fords are notorius for the oil press sending units going bad.. I have replaced the one in my 150.. Usually the oil pressure should be relativly consistent on the gauge, at least it is in my fords..Check the wiring to the sending unit for any frays or a loose terminal, If that 's OK then I would change the sending unit , should only be like $15 or $20 bucks.. Then if that does not work check the gauge, change the gauge or find a friend who has an oil pressure testor.. and go from there... You want to watch it though cause maybe the oil pump itself might be weak ????
oil pressure

I am not sure what year ford started it but I do know that on most of their later model vehicles the oil pres. guage is not really a guage of pressure. It reads the same pressure all the time. Basically just an indicator that there is pressure. Not a whole lot different than an idiot light. This is why on most of them that idle oil pres. is the same as 3000 rpm.

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The oil pressure sender is cheap,and Ford's do eat them often,do swap it out first.The guages are not accurate in most vehicles,if you want accuracy,get a quality aftermarket guage from westach,VDO,autometer,etc....

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