Oil Pan R&R 81 F250 4X4


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I need to Replace an oil pan on a 81 ford f250 4x4 and I was hoping for the "easy way out" although I do not believe there is one. At this point in time all I believe I can do is Lift the block which I havent a clue how to do so as I dont twist or break anything. Any help or tips would be greatly appreciated also Im in no big rush its a back up truck for my back up .


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You might also want to consider removing (loosen) the tranny cross member bolts. Transmissions don't bend very well. ;)
Just did mine in my 93 f-250 351 4x4 was pretty easy actually. Take the 2 motor mount bolts off than take the 2 trans bolts off, dissconect fan shroud and any other wires or lines that are not going to take the stretch. Put a wod block under the crank pully and raise up until somthing hits, than block it up, we went off the manifolds to the frame. With heat we were able to remove the 2 nuts from the pipe on the D/S manifold, and cut the pipe where it strightens out next to the trans. Your going to have to remove the oil pump and pick up with the pan in place. I recomend changing the pump and pick up while its in your hand, there not that expensive.:waving: good luck

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