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Oil leaks and white snow

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment' started by KingofObsolete, Mar 6, 2009.

  1. KingofObsolete

    KingofObsolete Senior Member
    Messages: 173

    for some reason oil drips sure do show up nice on white snow. here is what i have to do to fix an oil leak on my 1947 d6 9u cat.

    on my d6 9u known as THE HOOD, the seal on the input shaft of the trans decided to leak a little more then a drop here and there. the seal decided that 5 gallons of oil in 4 hour running time would be a lot better. the diaper pads in the stump pan could not soak up the oil fast enough (the daiper pads sure did heat my shop in the woodstove, lol). i have not been too excited about doing this job but like i tell everyone on the BBs just pop the motor out and fix everything else along the way.
    yesterday i drove the cat in my little shop when i returned from the cat train photo shoot. i also popped the vee-plow and front stump pan off before the cat when in to the shop.
    today i removed the hardnose to find a seal needs replacing on the input shaft to the pump. once i popped the rad off to find the front engine is leaking too. then i removed the motor and the trans. with these out of the way i found cracks in the frame plus the long bolt through the small spring is broken. i removed the seat so i can replace a seal on the steering boost pump which i have to remove to get the trans shaft in to the winch. (i have done this before) so i figure on the one seal that was leaking the most, i'll change 4 other seals, plus fix about 20 items to make the cat's life a little easier. of course i decide to do this when it is in the mid -20C during the heat of the day because i have to use my 922 loader to do all the lifting out side my little shop. i put the engine and trans on my welding table plus put the cat back inside my shop. by morning the shop should be warm enough to work on the cat.

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  2. The mayor

    The mayor Senior Member
    Messages: 272

    And i ***** about having to change a angle ram on a plow. After seeing what you have going on, I will just sit here humble.lol
    Always great pics and stories you have.
  3. augerandblade

    augerandblade PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,054

    Ya One thing leads to another, some rock band sang that line. Nothing better when youre ripping apart a machine is to get in there and repair all the small stuff along the way.:rolleyes: I started to repair a master cylinder for a manual tranny on a 2000 Chev 3500 dually. Replaced it, didnt help. Took out the tranny to get at the slave cylinder. Well that was a hassle , so I might as well replace the clutch, clutch and pressure plate had to be cut, with a cutting blade(bolts siezed), It came apart. Flywheel needs to be machined and two bolts extracted. What s the pilot bearinglike, Screwed!!!! no needle bearing parts left. Cant get the bearing out. Buy a ;pilot bearing p uller. Done. Now waiting for a drain tube cuz the GM mechanic :jester:who replaced the engine during warranty (seeping prestone through the block) crushed the tube when installing the engine, along with losing the heat shield for the starter, cutting the solenoid wire and taping it up again. Running all the old exhaust manifold bolts back in.:help: Omitting the bolt for the turbo support. Not putting the electrical wiring back where it belongs. Do it yourself is the best policy cuz your gonna take more care and pride in y our work and machine.:nod: