OHH NOO, Exhaust leak gone bad!


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My truck,(see sig) has had Thorley Tri-Y headers since 1996. I replaced a few collector gaskets since then, but to be honest, they have been trouble free as far as headers go. They are the 14g industrial chrome plated ones, very heavy duty. Well, over the last month and a half, I was noticing a tick, tick, tick. Tell tale signs of another collector gasket biting the dust. Well I put it off till yesterday and started it up and crawled under to feel/listen for the leak. Well, the collectors (3) were all fine but one of the header tubes was cracked right after a weld! Holy Header Pipes Batman! Now what!? It was too late to call them (pacific time) so I e-mailed them and left a voice mail. They say that they have a Lifetime Warranty. My question is....Should this be covered under their warranty? Is it a defect in materials and workmanship? I hope so, but they were fine for almost 6 years. All I want is a passenger side header assembly. I've already started spraying penetrating oil on the bolts in hopes of trouble free removal.

My second question is....Could this be causing my O2 sensor to get a false reading? Ever since this tick, tick, I have had a bad hesitation off idle very similar to "turbo lag" or ignition advance lag. Could this be the cause?

Thanks, I keep you all updated.


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Sounds like waranty work to me. If not you'd think they'd sell you just one side. Those headers are expensive enough to warant an expectation for perfection from you. Six years is still pretty darn good. :D Good luck and let us know.


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Yes the leak will give you the hesitation,low power,and poor fuel economy too,not like that matters with a 454.I love thorley headers,I put 2 sets on ,both very beefy.I bet they will want them back to examine them anyway.

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