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I went out for the first time Friday Morning. Started 4:00am and finally finished at 3:00am Saturday morning. This was my first time plowing and let me tell you I was scared. I hit a curb once or twice. My question is I also hit a few areas like a droped drain and some small holes in the pavement. How bad is that? What can you do to avoid this? I wasn't going that fast which was probably a good thing. When I hit these things I just sounded like it hurt. I still a little freaked out. There calling for another 8" starting tomorrow at noon.

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Wow... you've been busy.

I did the same thing, clobbered a dome-shaped manhole cover. Didn't break anything luckily. My suggestion is to invest in one of Dino's polyurethane cutting edges. They absorb the impact a lot better from what I've heard.



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Welcome to the world of plowing. Like they said in Days of Thunder "and rubbin is racen". Well hitting stuff is all part of plowing. You will hit curbs, manhole covers, storm drains, and maybe even a car.

It's all part of the fun. Just don't drop the hammer till ya got plenty of experience.


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