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off the topic. earnhardt dead?


Man what a shock, that accident didn't look bad at all either. Guess ya never know. That's sad he was a hell of a driver.


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Ironic that its the accidents that dont look so bad that cause the most injury. Tony takes a pinwheel ride down the back stretch, and nothing to severe. But the blunt force trauma of the race car going from 180 mph to basically a dead stop, will do that.
NASCAR really has to address this problem,these walls need to be made of a substance that will give when impacted. If nothing else, maybe this will come out of this tradgedy. They can name the device after Dale, so his legacy can remain forever.
I always liked Dale, but he would be the first to put you out if it would get the win, but one could not deny his ability to drive.


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In my truck
Personal Note; I lived in Charlotte, NC for the last 5 years; I could tell you that not only is that a big racing town but he was a better man to a lot of people down there than most of the press reported.

Didn't look that bad when he hit the wall but you never know I guess. God Bless!

SlimJim Z71

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Cary, IL
I would've thought that something like this would've come out of the accident that took 18 cars out of the race... but not that one before the finish line. Unbelievable.

Rest in peace...

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Godspeed Champ, no one will ever replace you.

We also lost one of our fellow competitors this year at our hometrack to a violent crash and fire, he was a great friend, competitor, husband and father just like Dale was.