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Do you salt after every push or wait till snow ends? Our high traffic lots ( gas stations , stores ) get salted after every push , they are wet and black even before state roads usually. One account complained that many applications was unnessecary and refused to pay. We feel salting every push really helps when plowing the following time . What's the norm?

John DiMartino

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The # of times i salt,depends on a lot of factors,traffic is the biggest factor,then temperature.I salt my busiest accounts every timje i plow,unless they are closed,then I may skip salting unitl im done.Also dont forget that sometimes,its snowing so hard,you really cant get back to a lot to salt it in between pushes,this has happened to me a bunch of times too.If temps are going to be in the low 20's.,or colder during and right after the storm,I use a lot more salt,than when the temp are around freezing.You dont get a second chance when its `15 degreres out,if you have ice,you have a problem,its not going anywhere at those temps without lots of treated salt.


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The customer that complained was one that I sub from another plower , my contract calls for salt after every push. Because it's in the contract I expect to be paid (hopefully).

John , We do the same if they are closed and in the high 20's or more

Hope we see more snow soon!! going crazy staring at this computer


We'll salt after a push during daytime hours, but during overnight pushes we usuall wait until 4:00 AM or so. This still gives enough time to create clear lots before opening.


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We salt when icy conditions are expected or if areas of standing water/slush have re-frozen and become icy. We don't salt snow, we plow it. If there is hardpack that hasn't scraped away after plowing then we may salt if it's too cold to melt on it's own. Our customers would balk at salting every single push and I don't think that is required either.

Of course, if your list consists of retirement homes and hospitals, then that'd be different. But gas stations? No.

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