Odd feel in my 2000 Super-Duty

This is something I just noticed the other day. When I try to make a sharp turn, my front end feels like it's in 4x4 but it's not. You know that binding feel from trying to make a sharp turn when in 4 -wheel drive. The truck has 25,000 miles on it and I am the only driver. The plow was not installed until this year, so we all know how much use it received!!! This truck has only been it 4x4 a dozen times. All of the obviuos things have been checked, fluid level, tire pressure and the like. I know it's still under warrenty, but I thought I would post and see what your opinions are.
First off it's a gas motor, but I don't know if that's a sticking point. Secondly, the hubs are in the Auto position. Vacuum certainly could be the culprite. I guess I will see how much grief my dealer is going to give me about the plow.....


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Ford-diesel has a section devoted to gas engines and many of the questions/responses pertain to Super Dutys in general. It's worth a look, there's a good bunch of guys there and almost any question can be answered. They hit 20,000 members last week, a lot of knowlege to draw from.


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I have a 2000 F-450 and the same thing happens in 2 wheel drive on a sharp turn but only when the hubs are locked in. This truck has manual hubs. You mentioned that you have Automatic Hubs on your truck. I had this same symptom on an F-250 with Automatic hubs. I took the hubs off cleaned and regreased them and the symptom went away. The grease had gotten so hard that it was not allowing the mechanism to release all the way. Don't know if this is your answer but that fixed the problem on my truck.
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