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    Have any of you noticed that the Western Plow Forum doesn't get much attention.I wonder if it's because more plowers now use Boss equipment instead of Western?
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    These mfg sponsored forums are for tech suppor, or general feedback from the mfg.... not opinions or general conversation.

    chuck Keough

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    Wow Dino-

    I didn't know you bought a Boss!

    Next thing you know you are going to tell us you're trying a FORD!
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    This would just tell me that Western has less problems with there plows.I have a Western,its a 97 pro plow,and it hasnt needed one thing done to it since new,just anual fluid changes,and cutting edges,thats it,nothing.I also have a Boss,brand new this season,while I do love the plow,my Boss is not nearly as trouble free,every storm,so far,something had required my attention,and a repair of some type.
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    There are reasons behind why I bought the boss. Suffice to say that If I payed retail for the plow, I would be really upset.
    Given the choice between a MVP and a boss at full dealer price, I would take the western hands down.
    However that boss is a good plow, but a with the amount of little things that have happened so far, I am a bit worried about long term reliability.
    My other two MVP's have needed less maint and repairs in 4 seasons, than this boss plow is just 3 plowable events. I have a total of about 20 hrs plowing time on the boss, and so far I have found poor weld quality from the factory that required a new wing. Roll pin problem that has been addressed, but could have cuased the plow to fall off.Wings retract in gravel lots, and in ability to stack wet snow. Those two items have been addressed by the Boss Tech dept, I will have to wait and see how the suggestions they gave me work out. Now this last storm that stupid center hoof ripped out. Now I was no big fan of the original western center design, but the boss center design is just plain lousy. I will have to fabricate some urethane to fix this problem as well. Very low push beam height, but the western has that also.
    And the last big item, the plow rattles the truck to death. the full trip design on a v plow is not nearly as smooth as a bottom trip design. It does work, but not nearly as well as the western, and that running urethane edges, I cant imagine how bad it would be with steel.
    Just some items that need attention if boss wants to retain their full share of the v plow market.
    On the up side the paint is still in tact. My 4 yr old western will need a sand blast repaint this after this season.
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    opinions and general conversation are exactly the type of info that manufacturers need to improve their products. As an end user of a boss plow, I am entitled to express my opinion of their product good or bad. I dont believe boss would expect less from their customers, and I resent you deleting my previous post. This entire thread was started as a general conversation not relating to any one specific issue except trying to bash western.
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    Dino,let me know if you come up with a fix for the center hoof, I tore mine off in the last storm too,it looks like they only last 3 storms,so far.After the first storm plowing with the Boss, I knew I would change all my trucks to V plows,but Ive think ive bought my first and last Boss V.I need reliable equipment,Ive had a few new plows,and never have I had to work on them after every storm,never.My total repairs for the last 5 yrs on my Western/Fishers,is 2 repairs, on the 93 Fisher,I got a leak at the base lug after a the blizzard last year on 12/30.Luckily it happened on the final cleanups,after i was all done.I was working it hard,and the bolts loosened up,a 70 cent o ring,and 2 quarts of fluid,and that been it for 5 years,on 3 plows.i also had one electric motor corrode on me,on the 6.5 Fi,but i left it out uncovered all summer,and it a 92 model,no problems since.I need to solve this center hoof thing,on the boss V,this plow is useless without it,it leaves a mess on every pass,and 3 storms per hoof is unacceptable,there's gotta be a better way.You basically have a 4 ft plow without it,since you can only use 1/2 the blade.My dealer didnt have it in stock either,so its getting shipped to me,and its not a warranty item,so i had to pay for it.
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    I make up the rules and decisions as I go along. I react on the moment of my thought and I don't think about how a user will react or if they will hold resentment. I'm very busy and I don't have the time to ponder on every single decision I make.... I just make them. Trust me, its not personal, I usually don't even look to see who left the thead.... well, that's just the way it is.

    FYI Western has not even been notified of their forum. Im still working on some of the internal templates.
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    John, How much are those Hoofs? Mine will rip off this next storm I believe. It sure is a weak spot! I need to talk to my dealer and get them to keep one in stock. I don't to get screwed when a storm FINALLY hits. That would piss me off more than anything
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    What type of lots are you guys plowing?? We have numerous plows out (all Boss save for one Meyers and one Arctic) and have never ripped a horseshoe off or torn a hinge. We were out 43 times last year and plow gravel, asphalt and cement surfaces at various accounts. Granted the horseshoes are wearing but they are still there. Barrie is a Boss city. The only distributer here sells both Boss and Western. I have only seen one Western MPV and one Fisher out there but hundreds of Bosses. I am not disagreeing that your Bosses are not as hardy as your Westerns, just wondering how you are damaging them so quickly.
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    I've had the center hoof problem yet. Probably 30 hrs now on the plow. Maybe I'm lucky! But I have heard of a couple guys locally that have run into that. Pretty much shuts the plow down without it from what everyone reports. Let us know if anyone comes up with a better "field solution" or if I should just plan on stocking these parts myself in anticipation.
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    One hoof ejected from Boss #1 the next storm after we removed the centre cast-iron shoe. The dealer replaced the hoof, told us to leave the shoe on as it provides backup support for the hoof, and it has remained in place for the last 2 and 3/4 years (about 60 snow events). Boss # 2 on my truck still wears the centre shoe and hoof - about 45 snow events, including gravel. Leave your centre shoe on. Ditch the side shoes.
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    We had the hoof eject on Boss #1 on the third snowfall, three years ago. The driver had just taken off the 3 shoes and tossed them in the back of the truck. The dealer replace the hoof and put the centre shoe back on. 60 some odd snowfalls later, it is still there, supported by the middle shoe. My plow (#2) still has the hoof too, and I run the centre shoe and plow considerable areas of gravel. We don't run the side shoes. Gravel does make the hoof wear odd, but it is still there.