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NW Indiana Subs

Discussion in 'Employment' started by dfdsuperduty, Sep 20, 2009.

  1. dfdsuperduty

    dfdsuperduty Senior Member
    Messages: 597

    Trying to establish a list of subs waiting on contracts to come in still
  2. whiteford06

    whiteford06 Junior Member
    Messages: 19

    Might be available pm sent
  3. FEFMedia

    FEFMedia Senior Member
    Messages: 212

    Im not in Indiana but I wanted to say "Go Bears" Sorry it was a great game yesterday..

    Free Bump!
  4. jjfinn

    jjfinn Member
    Messages: 57

    Where at in Northwest, Indiana? I am in South Bend.
  5. dfdsuperduty

    dfdsuperduty Senior Member
    Messages: 597

    Dyer 46311
  6. clncut

    clncut PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,121

    Ill throw my name in the hat. I chatted with you last year. Same truck and plow. This year I do have a tailgate spreader.