NP 203 Problems

Big Red

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Milbank SD 57252
I bought my 79 3/4 chevy truck not to long ago. Everything worked great until I checked the fluid level in the transfer case and I couldn't feel anything, so like an idiot I assumed that it was 80/90 gear lube.

When I drove it that night the transfer case made a horrible high pitched whining noise and wouldn't stay in HI range but worked in every other gear. When i got home I looked it up and found out that it takes 10W30 for the transfer case so i drained out the 80/90 ran it with 10W30 and then drained it again and filled it with 10W30. Everything sounds ok except it won't stay in HI. The weird thing is is that once you get going in HI-LOC and shift it into HI, it will stay in until you let off the gas. It feels like you just shifted the t-case into nuetral and when you rev it up it just makes a whinging noise.

I have been told to check the linkage but why would the linkage start bothering at the same time that I added 80/90. I don't really want to tear apart my T-Case so any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for replying.

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