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Now i am getting scared !!!!!!


Junior Member
My local weather station said that the chances for a white christmas are starting to get slim!! Southern wisconsin that is!! This Sucks!!! All year i have heard nothing but Oh this winter is going to be so long and cold and above average snowfalls! ! Yeah right when and where??? I hate weather people they never get anything right anymore!!!! Sorry had to vent!:mad:

Kent Lawns

PlowSite.com Veteran
Being that Chrismas is still 4 weeks away, why are you starting to believe them now?

In that part of the country you only have 60% white Chrismas' anyway.

SlimJim Z71

PlowSite.com Addict
Cary, IL
I'm not too worried. If there's one thing I've learned, it's that the weathermen can't even predict what suit they're going to wear the next day... let alone the weather. It'll snow. Maybe not this week, but it'll snow.


Senior Member
Albany NY
I think I've only seen a white Christmas 3 or 4 times. Relax! Any way it'll definitly snow the last week of December, I'm going on a Caribean cruise, Oh dear I can just see the phone bill now, I'll be calling home every ten minutes.
Look, if we don't get that much snow this year, just take it as a nice break. There isn't a thing we can do about it. One thing is for certain,,, It will snow,,, and bad winters are ahead. Getting anxious just makes them seem longer getting here!

Mother nature evens thing out in the end. For all the lean years we are given the occational "Mother of all winters".


Senior Member
S. Maine
We wish for less snow!! Being almost all commercial we get paid every month if it snows or not. Keep it 50degrees all winter we will make bundles of cash then!


Senior Member
Southwestern Pa.
I hate weather people they never get anything right anymore!!!!
Anymore?? When did they? (Actually, to be fair about this, when they say "the sun willl rise at <some specific time> and set at <some specific time>...", they're damn near right on the mark every day. It's amazing.)

I've learned to watch, not the specific forecast, but but the *tendency* in the forcasts. In other words, if they start out in the five day forcast saying there's a chance of a BIG storm next week, and as it gets closer they say "4-8 inches", then later "3-5 inches" then later "2-4", it'll turn out more than likely to be a salt run and the plow won't even touch pavement. It works in the other direction too. If my memory serves me correctly the big storm of '93 started out as a forecast for a BIG 4-8 inches and we ended up with a couple feet.

Anyone else noticed this?


Senior Member

The best weatherman you could have, [seen it at a flea market years ago ]. You can easily make one yourself. All you need is a thumbtack & a piece of yarn. hang outside your door. If it is wet, then your forecast is rain, If it's white W/ ice, then it's snowing, and if it's sways from side to side, [ you guessed it ] it's windy.
Never fails. I have turned to this, after last year when "THEY" said the mid atlantic were to get 2 big Nor'easters last year, and we pretty much in Maryland were lucky to get 2" or flurries.


Junior Member
St. Paul, MN
RJC is right. you cant be far from me here in St. Paul, MN and we had a load of snow last year - remember.
Enjoy this while you can because sooner or later you will get your snow.

After last season all my customers were horny for the monthly price so, I too do not mind the lack of snow; I'm still getting paid!!