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Now available - heavy duty wax protection

Discussion in 'Ice Management' started by PlowSlick.com, Feb 12, 2014.

  1. PlowSlick.com

    PlowSlick.com Senior Member
    Messages: 146

    First off, to all of you whom have purchased our Plow-Slick, we want to say thanks.

    Secondly, to anyone that needs a SUPER HEAVY DUTY wax spray, I believe we have the answer. It is called Cosmoline. Here is some info about Cosmoline and we have been using and distributing for some time.


    What is COSMOLINE ?

    When I used to restore cars, there was always a thick waxy coating that was used to protect the bare metal parts. I later found out that this was COSMOLINE and learned that it was developed during WW II and was used to protect military equipment. In fact, many old, factory parts and military surplus can be found coated in COSMOLINE with ZERO rust on them. Even old military arms were coated in COSMOLINE for extended storage.

    We cave been using COSMOLINE for some time now as a form release in our epoxy business. We always buy in HUGE quantity and all of our distributors also use it to protect their equipment from epoxy build-up. This product is so amazing that it can be used just about anywhere.

    Potential Uses ?

    Protecting equipment that comes in contact with epoxies.
    Coating engine parts for storage.
    Snowplows and Tractor plow.
    Protecting Truck beds from salt damage.
    Any items that come into contact with salts.
    Any metalworking tools subject to rusting.
    Garden tools.
    All marine applications - props, shafts, etc.
    Concrete form release.
    And much more!

    COSMOLINE is very easy to use:

    Just spray on a thin coat on a clean surface.
    Allow to dry for a few hours.
    Re-coat with a 2nd coat for LONG-TERM storage and that's it!

    Removing COSMOLINE-

    Spray or wipe on a petrolium-based solvent like WD-40 or mineral spirits.
    Allow the wax coating soften then wipe it off.