Not Good, Plow Accident

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    My prayers go out to there family. That driver is going to have to live with that offal site for the rest of his life.
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    Steve, You said what i was going to lol
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    Holy crap, they had no chance with where the plow it the car. My prayers for everyone involved.
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    wow. thats terrible. i agree totally
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    wow, thats just terrible.
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    wow...wasnt the plow trucks fault but still not a situation i would want to be in
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    wow that is just aweful. What was the exact cause besides it saying she lost control? Was she trying to pass the truck? I saw so many accidents this past storm we had, thankfully none as bad.
  9. OP

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    State Police From New Lebanon Investigated A Fatal Auto
    Accident That Occurred 3-27pm On State Rt. 20 In The Town Of
    New Lebanon , Columbia County , 40 Year Old Brenda G. Freeman
    Formerly Of Hudson Ny And Recently Residing In Schenectady
    Ny Was Operating Her 2000 Hyundai Sedan Westbound On Rt 20
    Near The Lebanon Valley Speedway When She Lost Control On
    The Snow Covered Road And Spun Into The Path Of A Columbia
    County Dpw Snowplow Dumptruck Which Was Plowing The
    Eastbound Lane Freeman Was Extricated By The Lebanon
    Valley Protective Assn Fire & Rescue Squad, She Was
    Transported To Albany Medical Center Where She Died As A
    Result Of Her Injuries. State Route 20 Was Closed For Over 3
    Hours .( This Is The Second Fatal Accident State Police Investigated This Week Involving A Car And Dump Truck In Columbia County)
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    Im not sure if they had to hose down the car but look at the road surface it looks like a sheet of ice. I not only feel for the family of the passenger(s) in the car but the driver of the truck. Noway to stop that truck in a hurry. Thoughts and prayers to all involved.
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    By the looks of it, there wasnt much snow on the ground and the on coming lanes look like they were allready plowed. I am sure he was probably speed plowing the shoulder... I dont think they hosed down the car, If you look at some of the other pics looks like the heat from the parked emergency vehicles and Hurst tool generator heated up the snow on the ground surface. I am sure they were on scene for a while. Our departments S.O.P. is to have a charged booster line in place whenever there are Hurst Tool operations in case of an ignition from sparking especially if there is leaking fuel but I dont see one on the pictures...
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    Just speculation, but I would guess she went wide when she saw the plow coming and lost control in the slush and slop at the edge of the road. A horrible tragedy. It's scary how far that car got impeded into the plow. I wonder how fast she was going. Just horrible!
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    That does make sense, especially since that Hyandia is pretty light, if she get did into some slop on the should it could have sent her out of control... I am sure the first reponders that arrived on scene are going to be thinking about this one for a while. As a first responder you get kind of desensitized to alot of what you see cause its the only way to cope and perform your job but there are certain calls that I just cannot get out of my head and I am sure If I was at his scene this would be one of them... That plow made some penetration. You can see that the force was considerable and that the plow pushed back alot cause the drivers side bumper of the dot truck is pushed pass his front tire... It looks to me that speed played a factor. I dont know the speed limit of that road but I am sure during the weather conditions speed may have played a role...
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    One more reason not to by a Hyundai...
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    Yeah, I am not a big fan of small foriegn cars either but I dont think the car would have made that much a difference. I have cut lots of people out of small cars regardless of make model etc, mass has alot do with with MVA's but, even if this car was an Impala I think the outcome may have been the same or even worse due to the mass behind a heavier car... That plow acted like a can opener...
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    I too feel bad for all involved, especially for the plow driver. Appearantly he was just minding his own business and doing his underpaid, overworked job!
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    And that's why my family does nor ride in a minivan or car. I am a big believer in bigger is better when it comes to vehicles.

    Still too bad, though.
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    hooray, somebody else has the right colored fire trucks!!!!!
  19. Mark Oomkes

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    If you would look closer you would see that the sun is not out, not giving the trucks enough time to properly ripen.

    Fire trucks are red, Jon, I know the guys in Marne have some trouble with that, but someday they might figure it out.

    And it isn't a fire truck if it doesn't have a Q.

    Just accept it and you'll be better off in life. I'll make sure Ben works on you as well. I know he knows better.
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    Thought and prayer with them.