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Northeast Snow & Ice Control Expo – Summary

Discussion in 'Operasoft' started by Operasoft, Sep 27, 2011.

  1. Operasoft

    Operasoft Member
    Messages: 73

    Good day Everyone!

    Well a 6 hour drive down, 1 hour delay at the border crossing, included a vehicle search and being questioned, a $10.75 charge for commercial trip/entry in the US.

    It was again all worth it! The show was well organized, much smaller than the SIMA snow show. We had a great booth, real nice people who were all about the snow industry. It was again a pleasure to meet up and talk in person. I must say that meeting the person face to face after only ever speaking on the phone is such a plus. Putting a faces with the names is great.

    This 2 day show was very well done, it had informative sessions and I believe a great time for all whom attended. If I had to give a critique it would definitely be the coffee at the tradeshow. Or maybe I did not put enough sugar. :laughing:

    I’d like to thank each and every one who stopped into our booth, you all took the time out of your busy schedules to tell us about your current operations and what you wanted to improve on. We were very happy that we could answer your specific questions and help out.

    If I may give a special thank you to Miss Pat Silva at the Convention Center for her great directions to Best Buy (long story) and to Bob & Audrey at Advance Expo.

    Best regards,