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North West Indiana subcontractors in need of plow work

Discussion in 'Employment' started by DigItSnoRemoval, Oct 21, 2010.

  1. DigItSnoRemoval

    DigItSnoRemoval Junior Member
    from 46304
    Messages: 5

    Hey fellas,

    My pops & I are in need of some winter work in the North West Indiana region. We have 2 trucks. Both have blades & tailgate salters.

    My truck - 04' F-250 super duty fx4 with rear air bags for additional weight.
    boss v plow - western pro flow tailgate spreader

    Franks - 00' ford f-250 super duty - western wide out straight blade and pro flow tailgate spreader

    We have 9 years in the field. Swift & dedicated. Carry 2m liability. ready to go.

    If anyone has available routes out there, please drop us a line.

    Thanks for your time & consideration,

    Allen & Frank
    Dig it Landscaping & Decorative stone design, llc.
    NWI Indiana
  2. DigItSnoRemoval

    DigItSnoRemoval Junior Member
    from 46304
    Messages: 5


    bump bump bump