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ive heard eastcost is going to get hammerd<br>almanac also reporting this its 100% right about snow storms this year What have you all heard?<p>Nick

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They say a mix or sleet and wet snow for maine saturday night into sunday. It's going to be a mess, no frozen ground, recent warm temps, almost rather have no snow. Only it looks like the cold air is making a return for a bit so ya never know whats around the corner. No word on accumulations for maine yet.<p>Geoff<br>

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it was 65 today !! the weatherman said rain changing to snow after midnight little acc. its 9;50 right now just hooked up the plow and sander its snowing verry hard w/1&quot; already on the ground and roads !! chalk another one up to the foracasters?? <p>----------<br>Todd <br>

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Well i guess its going to snow again, it was 50 on thursday. Looks like 4 or 5&quot; then sleet, freezing rain, and rain. It looks like it will be a long night. <p>Plan of attack, keep the road crews out, and plow out the roads and entrances in the lots that are still open. Then when it's all done or starts to rain plow all the lots, roads, drives and condos and call it done. Should only be one visit on most things, except for the roads and lots. <p>Geoff


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Geoff i have been wathcing the storm all day on TWC and even in places where they have recieved 5+ &quot; the pavement is so warm that the snow isnt sticking. Good luck, be safe.<br>Dino <p>----------<br> Professional Ice and Snow Management <br>Products:Services:Equipment

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Well. so far about 1 1/2&quot; in NW Vermont. Wet stuff, almost rain. Supposed to go all rain after midnight and back to snow tomorrow afternoon. This should be one hell of a mess before it quits.<p>No way we can plow the residential accounts, most of them are on gravel. It was cold enough to refreeze the gravel yesterday but the sod at the edges is gonna be soft. I'm not going to spend days putting sod back in place for this pissy storm. <p>The commercial accounts can get cleared to the edge of the pavement if need be. But almost none of them will need attention on Sunday. <p>I'm just coming off a wicked intestinal bug, so I don't even want to sit in a truck tonight. If it seems to be getting colder I will go out and salt. Ah, The joys of self employment

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Well the white stuff is back. We went out and did all the lots once ( really quick didn't clear everything just the long runs), so far we have about 5&quot; on the ground. As soon as the sun went down the stuff started to pile up fast. We have kept the roads clear, only haven't visited the condos or residentals yet. We plan to start back up again around 3 or 3:30. The plan for residental and condos seeing we will get about 8&quot; before it's said and done, is to plow once and very slow. It's funny how the weather service said 2 to 4 at 5 and now they are saying 5 to 8 at 10. The claim it is still going to raid but i will belive it when i see it. Some of the first lots we did at 8 pm have 2&quot; of snow on them now.<p>Geoff<br>

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We're only supposed to get 2&quot;-4&quot;. South of us (Niagara area) they're looking at 4&quot;-6&quot;. Possibly with rain or freezing rain or ice pellets...they never know. Anyhow, there's probably only an inch accumulated on the ground so far. My wife will wake me when she feeds the baby around 2:30am and I'll have a look then. Nice that tomorrow is Sunday. Not the usual time crunch like during the week.<p>----------<br>Dave in S.Ontario<br>

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