Noise In My Chevy S-10 When Turning


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Hopefully someone has the same problem. When making a turn in my s-10 blazer, I get this clunking sound right underneath my feet(it feels like). I can't remember but when I first got the truck, I had some bushings replaced. I believe this was a common problem with these vehicles. I have been under this truck and can't find anything loose!!! I believe the tech years ago told me that you would not be able to feel it with the hand while under the truck. Does anyone know what this is???//Please help...Thanks


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cv is good

I had the cv joint checked by a buddy...he says its fine....I had the same prob ayears back thought it wasw a cv...had some pads or bushings replaced and noise gone for 6 years help:mad:

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My buddy had some bearings go out on his front differential,right behind the CV joint but we could feel it was loose.Follow your CV joint over to the front diff. and try pulling it in and out besides the obvious shaking,now that i think of it his truck made the same clunk and we assumed it was the CV joint but after playing with it a little we found different.

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My money goes on a broken torsion bar mount. Crawl under there and follow the torsion bars back the where they fit into a crossmember. At each end that crossmember sits on a rubber cushion which is prone to seperation. When the rubber comes loose form the steel parts you get that clunking under your feet. Nice part is that they're cheap parts to swap out. Bad part is that they can be a ***** to change. One of them, I think it's drivers side, comes out and back in easy, the other side is hell. I cheat, carve up the old one any way possible to get it out. I knock out the stud and replace it with a nut welded (careful not to get too much heat in there and screw up the rubber), then I put a bolt down from the top. This will all make sense when you see the mount up close. They're a pretty common replacement part, enough so that they are available aftermarket.

Oh yeah, I forgot, to tell if they ARE bad, try to lever the torsion bar upwards (at the rear end) with a prybar. If it lifts the mount is busted and the party is about to begin.
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