Noise complaints?


Yardley, PA.
Yeah, another question,
This question is more for residentials then commercials. Does anyone ever run into problems with complaints when plowing/snowblowing/shoveling at 3am ?
Especially when properties are close together.
Seems that if the customer themselves didn't complain for waking them up, that a neighbor might. Is this ever a problem?
Thanks again.


Western Michigan
I don't know where you are located, but around here it is such a common thing, and people just take it for granted. I think I worry about it more than they do. However, now I have a urethane edge on both front and back blade, so it is a "non-issue". They are quiet!
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Claverack, NY
Last winter I used my big John Deere snowblower to clear several driveway for every storm. There was a few times that I cleared the snow late at night but it did not cause any problem. All my customers slept well and never knew that I was there until the next morning when they woke up and are suprised to see their driveway cleared. There was also several times at night that I was shoveling but it never woke up my customers. I use a strong poly shovels. Steel shovels make more noise. I never have a plowing experience but I am fairly sure that the steel edge do make some noise but I heard that urethane edge make less noise than steel.

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