No snow in sight


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Look's like another week with no snow. Anyone here in connecticut that want's to get together for coffee, trade stories, check out other contractor's shop's/garage's and equipment E-mail me.

Happy New Year To ALL !!!!!



Stamford, CT
Hey Santa... I am mad at you!!!

I asked you for a new fully optioned Black Duramax Diesel, with Allison Trans, Whelen 12 strobe Lightbar.

I was a good boy, honest I was

All I got was snow tires for my Blazer.

Can I put my order in early for next year!!!!!!
Hey Guys, Well NO snow at Hannibal yet!
Just green grass and I am 4 miles from
Lake Ontario ! We are usually buried by
now with lake effect.
My place in Alexandria Bay NY (US-Canada border)
90 miles north is gettin CLOBBERED ! Another foot last night.
Got about 2 ft. plus since x-mas.
Watertown and tug hill plateau gots lots more !
My bud has been plowing for me up there !
But bad news he popped out a axle my other bud
is stuck in a snow bank waiting for a pull out !
So I am packed and heading there shortly !
OH BOY ...Get to use my new rig and plow!!!!!
FINALLY !!!!!!............................geo
Just got a phone call........PLEASE bring a couple of
pressure hoses for a western and a hitch pin and a
couple of lock pins and a extra skid shoe !!!!!!!!
Man i am so glad i bought that western parts pack
when i bought my first western 10 yrs ago.
What a life saver at 4 am ! I keep all those
goodies in my truck along with a jumper box,
chains, headlights,and my trusty electric come
a long !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.........Geo

Farm and country stores carry a lot of that stuff !

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Always good to carry that stuff with you. I got new hoses made for my plow this summer, so the old ones (all 5 of 'em) which were still OK are in the cab as spares, along with a bunch of other goodies.

Other, more major stuff such as a spare alternator I have at the shop - I don't get more than a few miles away when plowing, so any of the more "serious" repairs that may come up are done indoors.

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