i haven't been on the forum for ages, it seems, mainly b/c of 1 thing: NO SNOW!!! I have been wondering when it will come back and it still seems like for ever. the high temp here is about 44, not too bad for february. what about you guys?

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right now it's about 11F, and last night was pretty cold -18F. A lot of ice spot problem since few days, and it' not easy to find some salt, vendor are b.o.

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El tiempo es loco! (The weather is crazy!)

Here (90 miles north of Toronto Canada) the weather has gone crazy: 12" of snow in 10 hours Thursday, rain - heavy most of the time - all day & night Friday (temperature +10 Celcius and my shop flooded Fri night!) blowing snow & whiteouts Saturday causing numerous accidents & highway closures, then down to -15 Celcius Sunday. (only about 1" of total accumulation Sat) Right now it is -5 Celcius. Likely more snow this week, right now there is lots of ice down there!

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it seems every time we get presip here its not cold enough to freeze! ive been thinking about moving to some of the lake effect snow areas in michigan. hehehe


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Same thing over here in marion ohio NO SNOW
in feb not even any ice.. but my lawn equipment
as been wash and waxed about 4 times.

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Guys I can't sent you some snow, but fedex can carry my summer equipment to you...

just joking..


There is at least 24-30" of white stuff on the ground...Have to wait a long time before i could see some grass!!!

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No snow in dayton, but the lawn equipment will be ready to
fire up real soon. We have had a lot of rain and maybe some
snow on monday.

Got to get rid of the salt so that the mulch can take its place.

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