No salt in Ontario either

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by cutntrim, Jan 2, 2001.

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    After reading John's e-mail and post about shortages south of the border, I called our supplier. Well, they have NO salt. Ontario "Salt" Service is out of SALT. Luckily we just got a 2nd order in a couple of weeks ago so we're ok for now. But we joined the growing list of private contractors on backorder for more, if and when it becomes available. So...heads up Canadian (at least Ontario) boys, cause we're low on salt up here too.
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    rumor has it, there is going to be a shortage of salt soon here in Pittsburgh too. Our dealer said that a salt mine collapsed!! Therefor no more salt in about a month
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    The IMC Cote Blanche mine in Louisiana did not "collapse" but has been out
    of commission while a broken headframe is replaced. The mine will open a
    newer, larger production hoist later this month.

    When the headframe broke, it was not a safety problem at all and underground
    production has continued, but it has temporarily halted hoisting salt to the

    Plow with the Storm
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    Well I'm just glad ontario has the worlds largest salt mine!Its not too far from where I live.Its in godrich ontario.The mine under the great lakes.I would not feel to safe mineing under that much water!!!!!

    from ohio
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    another good reason to join sima i got an e mail about it and took action immediately morton is actually close to me but they are backed up three weeks (for many reasons)but was able to get a 25 ton load from them to hold me over.
    the driver said there were 100 trucks in line at plant he got in line at 5:30 i recieved salt at10:00 and the drive is only an hour

    thanks sima
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    There's plenty of salt available, they just can't mine it fast enough to keep up with the demand. What's coming out of the ground is going to the municipalities and not to guys like us.
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    Adam, Sifto just ordered a million tons of salt from Windsor, they can't keep up with demand either. There is a couple of boats waiting now for salt in the harbour.
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    At this time we are fully stocked and have salt available to contractors.So anyone willing to travel to Poughkeepsie ,N.Y. we are presently ok but for how long i dont know.
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    BTW thanks for the info on Magic supply in Ontario. We called the supplier about it but the cost of bagged rock salt (delivered), is less than half what they're charging for Magic(pickup). With our pre-season budgeting/pricing not taking such a markup into account it simply didn't add up for us. Another lawnsite member ("PCS") in Mississauga, said they had it at Canadian Tire (retail chain up here). We went there and they only had one bag left. We bought it and used it on the sidewalk of one of our condominium customers. Worked fine. Obviously one bag is not enough to compare to straight salt though. Anyhow thanks again for the info. Maybe in the future we'll be seriously in the market for Magic, but for now it's salt for us.

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    hey cutntrim, I have 9 bags of magic if you need them. I'm just using them for weight in the back of my truck. Let me know.
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    Nah, that's ok. We're fine with rock salt this winter. Aren't you going to use it? How much did you buy from Crappy Tire? Notice any difference between the Magic and rock salt?