No\'r Easter a BUST

Chuck Smith

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So far, this storm has been a big bust in this area. It's now a little after 3 PM EST, and so far, we only have about 2" of crust on the ground. Had a litle snow at first yesterday, then it turned to sleet & freezing rain. Looks like it's about to turn back to snow now, but we aren't going to get anywhere near what the initial forecasts called for. I know it's not over yet, but naturally, I was hoping for a lot more snow by now.


Ben W

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Chuck its 3:35 its snowing like crazy 3 plus on the ground but its melting on the pavement. Temps around 32 hoping it will drop somemore so it will stick to the pavement.


Chuck 338 here just west of you in North Caldwell...we have a nasty mix and I am seeing a gradual change over to all snow...lets hope.maybe we can still see 12 inches or more..

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Its a bust here at 3:45 !!!! The weathermen are falling all over themselves with downgrade at every hour. Initial forecast was 24 to 30" ( I was actually getting scared). Now we are down to 10 to 20". 2.5" on the ground now with rain and sleet which was not forecasted for this area, we were in the all snow belt. They said at 4pm it should start coming down about 2" per hour. Lets see about that ... 15 more minutes to see. At least I got to take a nap.


You guys can all keep your 10-20"s, 24-30":'s , I like my 40 " inches a year 2 " at a time. LOL Good luck fellas.

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Well your big storm was supposed to miss us up here (north of Toronto) however it started snowing last night around midnight and hasnt stopped. Its still coming down. We have done our lots 3 times and they are ready to be done again,,,,,It is supposed to snow all night into tommorrow. We are taking a breather and going out later when they all close up for the night. Hope you all get some to make the preparation worthwhile. Pat


A big bust here in S.E. PA We were supposed to get 20-30" originally. We got about an inch of ice and an inch of snow.I was still able to make some money on my commercial accounts but was hoping to make about 7 times more. They are still calling for 3-6" by tomorrow. Yea Right. Not holding my breath. Almost ready to take the plow off. OH I forgot to mention they are also hinting about another Noreaster Fri into Sat.

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We're gettin' it!

I'm half an hour north of HC and same here - started last night, hasn't stopped, predicted a foot by tomorrow afternoon. Had 3 plows to repair at my work today, I worked on 2 of them. Going to go and do my lots (only 2 of them) tonight and check again early in the morning. And I don't seem to recall any prediction of this much snow in our area....


Funny you should say that John I was at home Depot Sun morning and people were lined up buying there three 25lb min. of salt. Saw one of there associates taking bags out of carts to make sure the min was not exceeded. Overheard them saying the shipment just came in that morning. Imagine what the weathermen would do to the retail industry if they could forcast storms with better accuracy. Just some food for thought.

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I am here in Ocean Township/ Central Jersey right on the shore, we don't have any accumulation and its almost 6:30 on monday night, what a joke, they were calling for two feet in our area and all we have is a dusting so far..

Jim White

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It's 7:45pm here in central MA. and it's snowing pretty hard now. There's just over 6" of the wonderful white stuff and visibilty is real bad. The worst is yet to come now. Sorry to hear about the bust for you guys near the shore.


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Long Island, NY

Its snowing good on Long Island,(about 1" so far) there still saying 4-8" by tomorrow. So far the only thing the weatherman was right about was that it was gonna start at 4pm. I hope this storm just sits in one place and dumps!!!!

John DiMartino Veteran
We have 4-6" on the ground in my area,they sure did mess this one up,we had warnings all day about how bad this afternoon was going to be-2-3" an hr,gusts to 45 mph,drifts as high as 6 ft etc...BS,in fact it has only snowed 1" since 9 this morning,Im still looking for the white-out conditions we were supposed to get.I think there was a big payoff to to the weather channel by Home Depot,they made out like bandits on this one.What a flop so far.We were in the estimated 2-3 ft range as far as accumulations-now we are down to total of 12-18"-by tommorow Am -it probably drop to 6-8 total.


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Not sure what's going to happen. So far about 1/2" here at 9:00pm Monday. Our daughter just called that she is somewhere between Manchester NH and Portland Me stuck in a motel because of a whiteout snow. Cancelled school for today at noon and tomorrow. They expect that the state workers (includes my wife) will be told to stay home. Prediction is for 1-2 feet by 1:30AM. That's only 4 1/2 hours. Then supposed to keep snowing into tomorrow and taper off by tomorrow evening.

Another daughter called today from her vacation in Florida saying she got a sunburn. That's ok, she's coming back Wednesday - just in time for the second storm that's supposed to hit.


Ben W

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Is 1:15 Tuesday just came in from plowing we have 11 plus on the ground. Calling for 1 to 5 inches by morning and another 12 plus for Friday night. BTW camshaft sensor going out cant have it until next week, dealer only part.

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Looks like it's over here (for now)

Snowed a bit more last night, I plowed this morning - mostly some drifting. As of 4:30 pm, the sun was out and temps were around the 40 mark. We'll wait and see what happens by the end of the week...

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It's now 10:00 PM and I just got in from 30 hours of plowing, fixing trucks and a couple bouts of suicidal depression. We got HAMMERED! 20+", some of it came down at 2" an hour. All sorts of problems with trucks, so much for trying to keep stuuf maintained. I'll post more later, after some sleep, about all that can go wrong in spite of our plans. I'm too freakin tired to do much but catch a nap and go back out later to do some cleanup.