No more snow plowing

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by martyman, Apr 29, 2001.

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    this was my toughest year and I am giving up the stressfull winters of snowplowing. In some ways I will miss helping stranded people and the few times when things go well. I won't miss repairs and customers that don't understand that I'm not always a few minutes away... good luck to you guys that will keep plugging away and charge as much as you can because It costs a fortune to fix it.... Marty (I won't give up mowin)
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    Well... plowing is not for everyone. It's better that you realize that now, rather than keep going and tearing yourself up.

    Good luck with the mowing!

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    YEH! Marty I read YOU Loud & Clear! plowing snow! is a Science!--& dealing w/the Public is another thing?? when I was young I had 160 snow plowing customers & One Truck! & soon had Three plows & a Wrecker--I was the service manager at a local Mobil station w/ 24/7 service--Phone rang Off the wall!--every One wanted Theirs DONE!--FIRST! & seeing That can NOT be Done!--its back to the drawing Board!--& seeing We serviced most of the Plowers in our Area--I contacted them ALL! & We made a MAP! of Our area! & I began swapping customers w/other plowers-SO! each Plower had a Section of Customers Close together!--thus!--Cutting Down travel time between Customers!--& that worked Out pretty Good--& finally I ended UP w/ only ONE Problem! a Nursing HOME! for the Elderly!--& that Drove ME NUTS just an INCH! & the Phone never stopped Ringing!--& at My Wits End? the truck plowing that Nursing home broke Down in their Yard! & So I left It there! after Plowing it Out w/another One!--We had a couple of Snow storms over serveral days before I got that truck Re-Paired--but I didn*t receive any Frantic Phone calls any More?--SO I stated Leaving ONE Plow in their Yard!--I Guess? just seeing It there was enough? to Re-leave the FEAR? of them being in Trouble? if?it Did Snow?--& as an Ole Plower I have Posted several Posts in referance too buying a 4X4 a Expecting??? to Pay for such equipment?-just by Plowing Snow?--NO WAY! as its Never going to Happen!--as the COST of a 4X4 & Plow--& It only takes ONE! WET & Deep Storm to Break YOU!--& Sooner? or Latter? YOU will get a Real BAD ONE!--& all the Money You made? will be GONE! Re-Pairing your Truck Due to attempting to Plow the Big Bad One!--& Used Plow Trucks are in Sales Lots--because? they Need Attention--$$$ spent to Re-PAIR?--I personally have an 88 DODGE 4X4 318 V-8 Auto-w/an 8ft Fisher--I plan ON plowing our Yard & our Sons!--& the TAXI service my Son has his Cab leased to! & Thats IT! & I have been Asked? IF? I would Plow Freinds? & Neighbors?--NOPE! I tell E*M to call Plowers in Our Area!--as I*M re-tired & living on a fixed Income & IF? I do Break down? I*M Screwed!--Enough SAID! Some times? the TRUTH Hurts!--but It should be SAID! --Ole JIM--
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    Did u drop your customers or holding out to the end of the season?
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    Sorry to hear your getting out. I can see how it can be a problem for some people and cost alot of money. Stress can be ultra high as OLE Jim Said. Personally, I enjoy plowing alot, it just happens to be something I can make money from. When i "talk plows" with other plowers that i see around they always wonder why iam so "enthusiastic" about it. If they don't know me well they say "wait until after your first year and you won't like it so much". "OK, been plowing for 3, still love it" I tell them. They are always shocked to hear that i enjoy it. "Repairs must be killing you" they say, "nope" i say, hardly any aside from normal maintianance. I guess what iam trying to say is most plowers i talk to hate plowing with a passion and would give it up and move to Florida in a second. I guess its not for everyone, i have been exceptionally lucky with customers and all generally are easy to deal with.
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    Just be aware that the posts by Martyman and SlimJim71 are four years old.