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ok, since i got my truck running again, my tail and parking lights havent been working, niether have the lights in the dash board for the guages and stuff. now all the other lights work (head lights, turn signals brake and back up all work fine) i got a new headlight switch yesterday, but that didnt help, ive checked as many wires as i could, but havent found anything shorted or cut, has anybody had anything like this happen to them? any information would be helpful.
it is an 84 chevy k-10


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Did you check for power at the fuse box? If you have power and all the fuses are good I would go and check the fusible links at the starters positive terminal. You should be able to check them by slightly pulling on each one with your finger, if it pulls out like a rubber band or you find them burnt you more that likely have found a bad link. It 's also possible that the wiring on the back of the fuse box to that curcuit has broken or corroded away.


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Does your truck have a floor mounted dimmer switch ?

That my be corroded, and that could be what is killing your headlights.

Your tail lights maybe your stoplight switch which I believe is mounted on your steering column.

The dash lights are tricky... there are little connectors that screw into the back of the bezel and activate the printed circuit board on the back of the dash pod.

Good luck
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well i think i found where the problem lies, but im just not sure why no power is getting there. i found that the terminal in the fuse box that works the dash and parking and tail lighs is not supling power to the wire that feeds the light switch, therefore there is no power to be sent to the parking lights. now does anybody know why there wouldnt be power getting to that terminal at the fuse box? i really didnt want to go pulling it apart just yet anyway, im thinkin that maybe behing the fuse box something came loose there, but i cant see why it would do that, the truck has been sitting for about two months, i just got finished getting it back on the road, and boom they dont work.

hope you guys can understand what im saying in this mess above.


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Go back and check the fusible links at the starters positive connection. There are the two or three smaller wires that come off that terminal. The fusible links look like regular wire except the inner wire melts away if there is a short or overload.