No Juice!


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Tucson, Az
I was reccently doing a little desert romping in my '75 K-10 when out of the blue EVERYTHING just went dead. I got out to inspect and found that I had forgotten to re-hook my battery harness. Needless to say with all the rough terrain it didn't take long for the battery to jump out of it's seat. Unfortunately the side posts were not capped off, and the possitive had made contact with the harness post. I attempted to replace the battery, and that actually got it started, but since then I can't get any electrical to work. Every once in a while iI can get the headlights to come on, but once I turn them off it's totally dead again. Any insight you all have would be much appreciated. :waving:

karl klein

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beside from checking all the fuses there should be some little metal looking thick fuses that are actually autmatic reset circuit breakers they may be bad

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