No 4wd On 1996 1500

Discussion in 'Chevy Trucks' started by BKFC255, Feb 19, 2008.

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    I Have A 96 Chevy 1500 Rc Sb And The 4wd Drive Died. It Worked Fine Last Week And Today It Would Not Go In. I Put A New Actuator In Checked The Fuse Everything Is Okay There. But Still Will Not Go Into 4wd It Sounds Like The Transfer Case Is Moving But Not Locking In The Wheels. It Is A Manual Engagement No Push Buttons. Could It Be The 4wd Switch On The Tranfercase And If So How Do You Test It? What Else Could It Be?
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    If it feels like the T-case is in fact shifting and you've already changed the axle actuator then the likely thing to check is the switch on the T-case to see if it's sending power to the actuator. You can check for power (with the T-case in 4X4) at the actuator plug with a test light. If you don't find 12V there, move back to the switch and see if you have it there.

    Did you try turning the front drive shaft with the 4X4 engaged to see if the T-case is in fact shifting?
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    I had the same problem with mine heres what I did: Theres a plug on the transfer case that should have two wires if I remember correctly theres a switch in the transfer case that has gone bad so I cut the plug off and joined a wire onto each one and ran them into the cab, found a good location for a switch and hooked it up, the bonus to doing it this way is now you can control when the front diff is locked thus giving you 2wd low (good for moving trailers and such around) hope this helps
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    Got It Fixed

    Well It Is Fixed I Found It To Be The 4wd Switch On Top Of The T Case.
    It Cost 40.00. Something Everyone Should Check On. What Had Happened Was One Of The Three Terminals Corroded And Broke, Good Thing It Happened To Me On My Last Driveway.
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    when I started having problems with the whole vac system like that; I replaced it all with a 4x4 Posi-lock.
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    Just as a FYI: the fullsize trucks didn't use a "vac" set up. They're electric. Only the downsize trucks where vacuum controlled.

    But yes the Posi-lock is a good alternative to the factory actuator/electric factory design. Less to give problems.