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NJ Butler rt. 23 and Bradley Beach monmouth county

Discussion in 'Networking' started by demetrios007, Jan 26, 2011.

  1. demetrios007

    demetrios007 Member
    Messages: 79

    Im currently maxed out in philipsburg NJ, I need 2 lots done.

    1st is a Diner and lot in Butler NJ, plow and salt, no shoveling needed, perfect for 1 truck guy or small crew, its my uncles place paid on the spot when done

    2nd is a 12 car lot w double driveway in Bradley Beach, NJ right on the ocean. This is my old mans rental property, my local guy wrecked his truck was a one man show. I can pay you per push, seasonal, whatever. Pay upon completion on the spot. Plowing and a little shoveling on a sidewalk and walkway.


    goes right to my phone
  2. F-250 SD

    F-250 SD Junior Member
    Messages: 27

    How soon after the snow stops does the Bradely Beach job need to be done?