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My original plow lights were Truck Lite with a 12 wire switch and when I switched over to Nite Saber II, I used the old harness and wired to them. No problem for 3 years until they stopped switching over between vehicle and plow. I removed the old harnesses as I found multiple broken wires and put in all the new wiring harnesses and switch that came with my Nite Sabers. Wired exactly to the instructions. When the truck lights are supposed to be on, I have the driver truck light on and the passenger plow light on. When I push the rocker switch to plow lights, the driver plow light is on with the passenger plow light. It will not switch at all to vehicle passenger light. Checked the grounds and all fuses in the relays and nothing looks wrong. Also, the passenger plow running light light does not come on, but the blinker works and confirmed it is not the bulb. Also, the rocker switch is dimly lit when plow lights are on and bright when vehicle lights should be on. This seams opposite as who wants glowing switch when not using the plow lights. Anyone have any ideas? Truck is a 1997 Dodge Ram 1500 and plow is a Meyer STL 7.5.
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