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Here's my problem.
I was hired to plow a driveway back in December.(oral Contract)
Have sent the person Invoices for every month I did services outlining what was done the previous month.

He paid me in January for Decembers Plowings.

And said he'd send me out the money for January When I spoke to him in Feb when I was there plowing

Never got that months payment or The one due for Feb which was sent out on March 1st.

So now he owes me for Jan, Feb, and the big storm in the beginning of March.The last small storm in march I didn't plow it for him but prior to it I had stopped by his house and hand delivered a Invoice with the total due on it up to that date(last week).

Still no money from him up to now.His total due is just over $120.00 it's not alot of money but I want what is owed to me.

My wife(bookkeeper) wants me to send him a collections notice that if payment isn't received by a certain date we will take him to small claims court.

Is there anything else I can do to get my money from him?

My 1st instinct was to plow all the snow back onto his driveway (but thats not professonial,but it would've felt good doing it):)


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I occasionally have this problem with new accounts.

They figure, dont pay the January bill, by the time its past 30 and you are starting to get antsy (early March) they are in the clear since no more snow. And you spend the summer trying to get the money out of them.

Dont know what to say, only that you arent alone, and Id remember this when you re-bid (if) next season.


My brother used to work for an asbestos removal company. Some of their jobs were hundreds of thousands. When customers were late paying the boss would send my broher to their house. He would knock on the door and do anything possible to get inside. Then he'd tell them he wasn't leaving until he had payment. A couple of times he sat around inside some stranger's house all day, but in the end it ALWAYS worked. People would get sick of looking at him and eventually they would pay.


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While I agree with sites intent, I dont know if I would froce my self inside. However I would call 2-4 x a day. Make yourself a total pain in the a$$ to this person. He will pay the money to make you go away.
Send staements every week, with intrest added, hand deliver if possible, that way you can ask for the money while you are there.
Document everything.

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We're out plowing right now, and Peggy has called our guys to tell them who NOT to plow because they're overdue. Gonna be some burned up people come daybreak.....


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signed contract w/ clauses

it usually keeps the stiffs away. my contracts read 2% monthly on all outstanding balances,not responsible for slip/fall injuries WHATSOEVER.HAVE A LAWYER write one up for you, its well worth it.

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