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NewTo snow removal

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself to the Community' started by TPC Services, Nov 6, 2011.

  1. TPC Services

    TPC Services Senior Member
    Messages: 875

    HI all,

    I live in Florida and was thinking of moving to the great white north to start my snow removal company. since I have never plowed a commercail lot before I thought I would go after a few large mall complexs and was wondering how many vehicales I would need, sdwk guys and whats this rock salt look like can I spread it out of a van with three south americans in it? I do have 5 big wheels i can mount platic blades on them to plow with would that be enough to do a 1,000,000sqft property?

    Oh and by the way whats does this snow stuff look like? is it like big rain drops or something??

    thanks for the help guys

  2. BORIS

    BORIS Senior Member
    Messages: 172

    Well at least you are off to a good start asking questions like this is the best way to find this stuff out. So here is the info that you requested you dont need side walk guys you should be able to leave shovels by the doors and the customers that go to the mall around here know to shovel the snow in to the parking lot for you this is the best thing about a mall. There is no salt used around here you need to get farther north than this for salt around here you use sand that is left out side on site and make sure and wet it down with lots of water if you dont it wont stay together well enough to spread with a shovel but you know about sand being from florida and all. You will not be able to do it with the big wheels if they dont have lots on counterweight on the back and you might need a 20 ft push box on the van for the big runs but the block of sand in the back will be all you need for counterweight in the van. As for the snow it is just like the snow cones they sell but with no flavoring so you will not want to eat it . I sure hope this helps you out if you need any more help just ask just be aware that some people on here like to give you smart azz answers to your questions. :waving:
  3. grandview

    grandview PlowSite Fanatic
    Messages: 14,609

    Just remember we measure snow in inches ,not kilos .
  4. superdog1

    superdog1 Senior Member
    Messages: 257


    Make sure you have chains for your big wheels!, those plastic front tires really slip a lot when they get cold. Get ear muffs for all your workers, as they will be the first thing to freeze and slow down the work process, as they cant hear you yelling at them when they are froze shut! Since you have no experience, I would move to a place like Buffalo NY. It hardly snows there and would be a great place for you to break into the business slowly....

    As far as "rock salt" is concerned, it is my experience that the best way to spread it is by filling up shotgun shells with it. Your South Americans can just shoot out of the van at the icy spots. Not only will they (and their ears) stay warm, it will also help you keep the pesky PITA customers off the lot and sidewalks, making your job a LOT easier and faster. The extra police and immigration people that show up when you attempt this method will also make your job easier, as they will block all of the parking lot entrances and keep cars and unwanted people out of the work area.

    All in all, I would say you have a GREAT idea and you should start ASAP! Not only will you be rich, but famous too! All of the newspaper articles about your business practices will be free advertising and the phones should be ringing off the hook!.:laughing:
  5. Chineau

    Chineau Senior Member
    Messages: 447

    Morning smile.

    Thank you, Hi Ho hi ho of to plow I go.
  6. Red Bull Junkie

    Red Bull Junkie Senior Member
    Messages: 159

    Big Wheels HD........then no prob. Put the kids to work.
  7. Matson Snow

    Matson Snow PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,985

    This is My Hero.....:salute:......:laughing:...I think he Runs USM....
    Last edited: Jan 30, 2012
  8. thelettuceman

    thelettuceman PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,218

    When I grow up, I want 2b just like you. Make sure you buy a Ford Ranger with a 9 foot Boss. The $$$ will come 2u quicker. As u no, this is a get rich over nite biz. Good Luck
  9. TPC Services

    TPC Services Senior Member
    Messages: 875

    Oh thanks so much for all your guys great inputs!! they where all good sound advises I would use them all on this mall project I got. you guys where very helpfull, There are some really whinny newbie’s on here that where telling me that a lot of you senior guys where A#$holes and gave people that had no clue on plowing a hard time and wouldn't help them out. What a relief I thought plowing snow was going to be easy, but it’s going to be really easy payup Everyone said it's simpler then tossing burgers at MC D's they where right any dummy can do thisThumbs Up (LMAO) This comment was per one newbie’s post I read on here a few weeks ago. Can’t remember the A#$ clowns screen name otherwise I would post it for us senior guys so we can bash his A@#!!

    I damn near forgot I posted this, I’ll have to do more of these that was to much fun! :drinkup:
    Last edited: Nov 11, 2011
  10. KBTConst

    KBTConst Senior Member
    Messages: 426

    Wouldn't you like to know how much to charge for plowing this 1,000,000 sq/ft mall that nobody has ever seen before? Thumbs Up
  11. NickT

    NickT Senior Member
    Messages: 707

    Don't forget you need to lowball, lowball,lowball and you ll be just fine
  12. 3diamonds

    3diamonds Junior Member
    Messages: 16

  13. bigthom

    bigthom Senior Member
    Messages: 105

  14. TPC Services

    TPC Services Senior Member
    Messages: 875

    I don't need to break in to the bus slowly, I was told this was easier then Flipping burgers. Thast what my friend told me. He also said that as long as I knew how to zip up a coat I should be fine. and whats low balling mean?? I'm at $10 for driveways, an $35 for a plow van or big wheel, and $12.75 for shovelers for all the commercail lots we have picked up ain't that what your at? Heck I'm looking for workers you know any?
    Last edited: Nov 24, 2011
  15. grandview

    grandview PlowSite Fanatic
    Messages: 14,609

    Sounds like you and USM will get a long just fine.
  16. Brownboots

    Brownboots Junior Member
    Messages: 14

    If you fall behind plowing your mall complex you can go out to the main road and flag down a big truck with long metal thing attached to the front of it and ask for him to finish it for you while you go have a beer. Works all the time.
  17. ajman21

    ajman21 Senior Member
    Messages: 157

    dont forget to write your name on the side of the big wheels or no one will be able to call you when they see your excellent work! or you can do like one of my friends did and piss your name in the pile u leave on the side walks by each entrance... yep good cheep advertisement shows ur a frugal business man