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Newest Addition To Snow Removal Fleet

Discussion in 'Equipment, Tools & Vehicle Pictures' started by ColumbiaLand, May 16, 2009.

  1. ColumbiaLand

    ColumbiaLand Senior Member
    Messages: 790

    1992 Cat Wheel Loader, Good Shape, Runs Awesome, Has The Quick Tach Change System. 2.5 Yard Bucket, 10 Quick Tach Power Angle Plow, Getting Painted And New Decals Soon And Then Hopefully A 14 Foot Pusher (If It Can Handle It!!:D:D) Let Me Know What You Think Oh Yeah Were Also Using It To Load Mulch Everyday





  2. jayman3

    jayman3 Senior Member
    Messages: 372

    Looks good,hope it does the job for you,take alot of snow to slow that down.Very many hours on it
  3. 2COR517

    2COR517 PlowSite Fanatic
    Messages: 7,115

    That should be a weapon. Looks decent, ok rubber. Friend of mine bought an Early 70's Deere 624 last winter for about 12K. Ended up putting over 7K in the motor. He'll be a while getting that money back unfortunately.
  4. ColumbiaLand

    ColumbiaLand Senior Member
    Messages: 790


    Should I get a 12' pusher or 14' pusher? Its about 90hp w/ A Turbo and 18000 pounds. Let me know thanks.
  5. Peterbilt

    Peterbilt Senior Member
    from IA.
    Messages: 745

    It will handle a 14, as long as its a steel edge unit. The rubber causes to much drag and will rob the machines power.

    We run 12ft boxes on my little L20B volvos, no problems at all.

  6. mdb landscaping

    mdb landscaping Senior Member
    Messages: 823

    Like stated above it will handle a 14' pusher, but in heavier deeper snows, you are going to have to take smaller cuts, or you may wish you had a 12' pusher on it. If it were me, i'd probably stick a 12' pusher on that machine. Looks like a nice little loader for you.
  7. BMWSTUD25

    BMWSTUD25 Senior Member
    Messages: 631

    nice machine......cant wait to see it when its all painted up!
  8. ColumbiaLand

    ColumbiaLand Senior Member
    Messages: 790

    Snow Pusher

    Yeah, I going to look for a 12 pusher. Anyone have one within the northeast or as far south as Washington DC?
  9. GeoffD

    GeoffD PlowSite.com Veteran
    Messages: 2,266

    Talk to you local Cat dealer they can get a pusher to go on the quick coupler. This style pusher will out push a pusher on a bucket.
  10. mdb landscaping

    mdb landscaping Senior Member
    Messages: 823

    Are you looking for a steel edged pusher or rubber? I have a 12' RCS snowpusher that is in really good shape that I was going to sell because I will be upgrading to a 16 or 20 foot pusher this fall probably.
  11. ColumbiaLand

    ColumbiaLand Senior Member
    Messages: 790


    I don't care if its rubber or steel as long as the pusher is in good shape. Give me a call asap to discuss as i would like to get my hands on one soon so i can forget about it till fall. Collin 518-598-7267 Thanks
  12. mdb landscaping

    mdb landscaping Senior Member
    Messages: 823

    Hey Collin,
    I left you a voicemail. Let me know what you are thinking. I can't seem to find the two pictures I had of the pusher. I bought it from the member CGSI who is on this website. I can snap a few pictures if you really want to see it first. Like I said, the pusher is in great shape.
  13. ColumbiaLand

    ColumbiaLand Senior Member
    Messages: 790

    found a 12 Protech pusher in pa for 2700 If you can meet that I will buy your instead. the distance is about the same so let me know.