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Newbie Questions

Discussion in 'Boss Plows Discussion' started by valpoguy, Jan 25, 2009.

  1. valpoguy

    valpoguy Member
    Messages: 49

    For those of you who missed my first post in the chevy truck form, I wanted to get a plow for my Hummer H2..I ended up going with a Boss 8' straight blade....I have never plowed before, so I'm kinda looking for some advice, I am just doing a couple driveways, and my parking lot...I have a few questions.

    1, Plow feet adjustment: the plow feet are adjusted so that there is about 3/8's of an inch of space between the ground and the cutting edge. I see some people say not to use the feet at all...any suggestions?

    2. Plowing a driveway: Do i drop the blade near the garage, and back drag far enough to fit my truck and blade, then turn around and finish, or what?

    3: Lighting: I want a simple removeable amber strobe, any suggestions?


    SKYNYRD Senior Member
    Messages: 420

    i'll try to answer your questions in number order just as you presented them. keep in mind these are only opinions and may not work for your specific driveways :)

    before i start just real basic advice. never plow in 2wd unless you're in like 2 inches of pure powder snow. use 4 high unless it's real deep or the heavy wet stuff then use 4 low. the truck should let you know if you need to switch. ok now i'll offer advice on your questions.

    1. i'm 29 years old and have been goin out plowin with my dad since i was 9. i have never once seen him use the plow shoes. others will have their own opinion. do a search on here and you will find plenty of advice on that one.

    2. it all depends on the way the driveway is layed out and where you can put the snow. if the driveway is flat and you can put it across the street you can either back in first and plow across what you can or pull in and backblade like you asked. if it's a steep uphill driveway with a lot of snow you may have to back up it first. if there's lawn off to the side of the driveway ask the customers if they would mind the snow pile on the lawn then you can plow in, angle the blade to the side the pile is going to be on, raise the blade a hair, put the snow in the lawn then, back blade the rest and push it over to the side. you'll probably try doing things a few different ways until you find what works best.

    3. i don't know anything about strobe lights. i prefer a light that sends a beam out instead of just making a flash but i can tell you to get a whelen. i'm sure plenty of places sell them so try doing a search for them as well. i bought mine a few years ago and have had many people ask us where to buy one and it was only 100 bucks. granted it aint a strobe like you want but the quality is there even though it was cheap. not sure about anyplace else but 99 out of 100 times around here if it's a fire truck or police car the lights on it are made by whelen.

    hope i helped you even in the slightest bit? i certainly wont say my advice or opinions will be perfect for your situations but it was pure and honest. if you want me to try and answer anything else or try to elaberate a little better feel free to ask. best of luck to you and stay safe:salute:
  3. Quality SR

    Quality SR PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,829

    1. You should only use the feet if your plowing a dirt or gravel lot/road. If your plowing a concrete or asphalt lot or driveway, take the feet off.

    2. Yes that is what you do. Drive up, drop the blade down, back up about a truck length. Then turn around, back in and then push it out. If your doing alot of that, might want to look in to a back drag edge. You can make one or buy one. Do a search here there is a lot of reading on them.

    3. I dont know what your town/state code requires. I am allowed to use a beacon, so thats all i use. Might want to pick up some bright reverse lights, sometimes it is hard to see when backing up.

    Also try to plow with the storm, and take your time. If you go to the Boss's website, click on the link at the top of the page, " Plowing Tips". There is good reading there.
  4. valpoguy

    valpoguy Member
    Messages: 49

    Thanks, gives me a good starting point...we are supposed to get some snow over the next few days, hopefully i'll get to practice!