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Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by Pray-Hard, Nov 28, 2000.

  1. Pray-Hard

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    I just got a Meyer 7.5' plow put on my Chevy 3500 pickup. I have a couple of guys willing to pay me by the hour to pickup some jobs they can't get to and plan to solicit my own work and get my own accounts. BUT I can't find a place to insure me. No one wants to touch a policy involving a plow. They all take off screaming with there hands in the air.
    If anyone can give me some Co. and expected yearly cost it would be greatly appreciated.
  2. John Allin

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    Your state will have alot to do with it.
    Where are you from ??
  3. cowboy

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    ah great question, I have been looking on the net (haven't gone to anyones in person yet) to figure out what my costs for the business will be, and none will give me even a qoute, partly because of age, and partly because of plow.

    I live in washington, and since I will be living in a small town with very little crime, I can't image the big risk.

    need help myself!


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  4. Michael F

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    I use Nationwide Mutual, my agent does amost strictly commericial policies, including some very large snowplowing contractors. Depending on of age of truck(with or without collision) I belive my cost for 87 F350 wo collision was $800-900 year, for basic, and about double for my 99 chevy K3500 when new (99) again these are aproximate, and I belive that was for 300 or 500K of coverage liability, and 50 K property damage. These do not reflect my general bus policy.
  5. John DiMartino

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    I have plow insurance in addition to regular policy,900 a yr on 3 plow trucks+ mowers and mower liability--1 mill coverage.That is thru State Farm in NY,but Ive got a perfect driving record,no accidents or tickets,no claims ever.
  6. AK Snow

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    In Alaska where rates run a little high, State Farm is charging me about $1000 a year for 1 million in liability insurance and full coverage on $30,000 worth of equipment. For what its worth, I'd never do work on someone else's property without liability insurance - too many people are way too anxious to sue for the slightest reason.

    Alaska Dave
  7. Michael F

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    John & AK Snow, are these prices for commercial auto, or business policies
  8. AK Snow

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    Good point! For me thats a business policy.

    Alaska Dave
  9. SlimJim Z71

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    I think I'm paying about $100/month for auto & plowing insurance, and then another $300 per year for business liability. That's through American Family.

  10. TLS

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    Did anyone realize that he is putting a 7.5 Meyer on a 3500? I hope that this is a Single Rear Wheel 3500 and not a DRW. Meyer 7.5's are a very weak plow and aren't wide enough for a SRW let alone a DRW. Go with a C-8.5 with the 4 trip springs. They are built way better than the ST-90's.

    Also, insurance wise, just get a commercial liability policy with the same company that carries your auto policies and tell them that you will be doing "some light plowing" . Mine just told me to stay away from McD's and 7-11's and he'll be happy.
  11. landscaper3

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    1st problem you go to insurance companys in phone books for autos and home but you are over paying with that route. You need to get contracters insurance, some carriers provide this type of insurance but best place to look is in Turf, Lawn & Landscape and other magazines that specialize in this business. They WILL give you the best rates, its like going to your local Ford, Chevy or whichever and by tires from them NO-NO you go to a tire store more selection better prices for they specialize in that area!!! Pick up some magazines it will help or do a search for contractors insurance.
  12. Lazer

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    I basically agree with your assesment of truck/plow match.

    But it could be a C-7.5, in which case it'll be adequately strong, but still narrow.

    Either way, he's got the right internet handle to use with a Meyer plow! ;)
  13. TLS

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    My family has been plowing with Meyer's since 1971. I have personally tweaked 2 ST-90's with a 1/2T Chevy and a 3/4T 'Burban. I then went to a Boss 8.2 V and a 1T SRW Chevy and upgraded (Easy with Meyer's) the 'Burban to a C-8 Meyer. The C series Meyer is as tough as it needs to be. I would put it up against an equal Western or Diamond or even a Fisher. I like the parts availability, as my Father is a Buyers Dealer and parts are dirt cheap for Meyer. I've hit too many 8-10" curbs to accept a trip edge design as better for what I use them for. However I tweaked up a Boss 8.2 so bad on a 2" high manhole cover @ 12mph that they were forced to replace virtually all major parts. (Tripedge would have saved the Boss) Boss's do not trip properly at angle ....PERIOD. Anyway, C series Meyer's are built plenty heavily, but a 8' min for a SRW and a 8.5 or 9' for a Dually. This is just for overlapping rear tires on slight curved lanes. Any oversized tires or long wheelbase rigs may require wider.

    Plow with the storm.
  14. plowking35

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    Tom your assesment of boss vplows and meyer husky plows is right on target. I didnt buy a boss because of the lask of tripping in scoop or straight. I also have a husky 8' mounted to fit old style fisher head frame. Why? Cause I dont drive that truck, and I feel better with the full trip on the truck than with an edge trip. I have found the plow to be more than heavy enough to handle what we throw at it.
  15. John Allin

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    Now THERE's a man that Meyers should be quoting......

    Of course, they don't get an awful lot of snow down that way either, so.........
  16. Lazer

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    I agree 100% with dixie and Dino.

    I've run some very tough Meyers in my day, but they always spent 2 days in the fabrication shop when they we BRAND NEW.
    Kinda made you sick welding, etc. on a brand new plow, but that's what was required to get years of trouble-free service: lots of re-inforcements.

    Later we just bought M-9 (municipal series) and cut them down to 8' or 8.5' and did just minor re-inforcements. But those things had like a 10ga. steel face abd weighed like 1200lbs. We were replacing ball-joints on our 1/2 ton Dodges too often.
  17. OP

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    I live in NJ and have been getting quoted around $4000 for 1 Million Liability and collision on my truck. I have an agent checking State Farm but said he is getting some resistance.
  18. Lazer

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    In Michigan, I pay about $6-800 for the truck insurance. (full coverage, depending on truck value) Then I pay a policy for 2,000,000 liability per occurance that may need to kick in, depending on situation.

    All trucks are listed as, and covered as plow trucks.

    Obvously there are differences in states, but I'd say we could cover that truck for less than $1000.00/year.

    DYNA PLOW Senior Member
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    PRAY-HARD, i just talked to my ins. agent who also happens
    to be my wife. this is what i have... i'm in WI.
    i have a commercial -auto policy,costs 180.00 every quarter
    coverage is
    500,000 bodily injury
    500,000 per accident
    100,000 property damage
    she also said most companies will not just write your auto policy, they want your business ins.- home ins.-auto ins.
    my policy is in effect 12 months a year .they don't let you sign on for only 3 or 4 months.
    if nothing else use it to compare what you find

    PINEISLAND1 Veteran
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    We are also in MI., and also pay 600-800 for full coverage on our commercial plow truck insurance. Our liability is very expensive though in MI. I got quotes from many in and out of state companies, even the lawn specialty companies like Lawnpro. The best I got for 1 mil/2 mil general liabilty policy was about $1400.00 per year. That was quoting me on two people doing the work and the minimum gross annual income they could write me for.