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Newbie - need contract help

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by westbrooklawn, Dec 19, 2003.

  1. westbrooklawn

    westbrooklawn Member
    Messages: 49

    I am about to provide my first quote to a local church for snow removal, ice control, and landscape maintenance. The landscape maintenance part is no problem, but I need help with a contract/proposal for the snow and ice portion. I also have several residential drives I want to service.

    Can anyone provide me a copy of a standard contract for plowing and ice control? I am particularly interested in the liability language, and language for "retainer" fees......since snow in this area is infrequent I want to be quaranteed something to cover my expense for being "ready to serve".

    This is a great site, and everyone seems very helpful. Thanks in advance for helping me get off on the right foot!!
  2. westbrooklawn

    westbrooklawn Member
    Messages: 49

    To the top......anyone can help? Would be greatly appreciated.
  3. indianabc

    indianabc Member
    Messages: 41

    Alot of discussion has occured on the subject - and some of it I started just a little while ago. I had the same problem - contracts are tough! Do a search - you will come up with a lot of information, so much that you will have to study it over several days I bet. It appears that a lot of people do not like answering broad questions. Do some searches, gather some knowledge from that, and them come back with specific questions. You will get a lot of answers then. I can tell you from my own expericience - JOIN SIMA! I joined and Grace at SIMA asked me what do you need right now? I told her help with contracts. When I go back to the office she had faxed over probably 25 different contracts for me to look at and use if I wanted. She also hooked me up with a mentor in a different city and he faxed his contract and told me what he liked and didn't like.

    Good Luck!
  4. westbrooklawn

    westbrooklawn Member
    Messages: 49

    indianabc - Thanks for some good advice. I will investigate joining SIMA!